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Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Boston Pizza?

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No they do not need a background check or any type of check unless you at a delivery driver.

No, I wasn't required to do any background check.

No it does not.

No they dont Require a back ground check

No it does not

N/A, Boston Pizza looks at the work experience you have prior to applying and checks on references and reasons for why the applicant quit previous job.

Yes they do.
They Preform Criminal Background Checks.

About 2 weeks, to complete.

No. they do not require a background check. they are literally just looking for people to work there for the summer to pick up shifts from other people who are on vacation. hard to work for. will most likely cut your hours to minimum.

No background check at all.

They do complete background checks especially since there is a program with cons in halfway houses that work in the kitchen that are rehabilitated. Front of the house is much more straight edge and I haven't worked with any ex cons at front of house since I have been working there Though I do not know there pollacy for background checks for front of house

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