Boston Pizza
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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Boston Pizza?

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Was hired on the spot basically.

They will give you application and after submitting the application they will call you for interview.

They have 2 interviews, you fill out an application the first time you go there.

They care for the personality in a person. As well as sometimes asking about previous experience, one of their main focuses is 'Is the applicant teachable?'

A sit down with a supervisor

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It didn't/doesn't feel like an interview, it was more about getting to know your managers/AGM/GM, and them getting to know you. Setting off a good vibe both ways, making a connection.

They like you, or they don't. Past experience is beneficial... If you don't have it... Welcome to a spot washing dishes

Decent, I was hired on the spot the very day I brought my resume to the manager.

Orientation, plus a BP Learning course must be completed upon hiring

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