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Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez Boston Pizza?

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  • When i join the Boston pizza they just ask me the job experience i have and some of the basic information about me.

  • Very common ones;
    Why do you want to work for Boston Pizza?

    What are your dreams and ambitions?

    What positions could you see yourself in?

    If you feel like you're not sure what to do, what would you do?

    Can you handle working in high-stress environments?

    Excetera...... Questions like those.

  • Mostly reactive thinking questions

  • Why i choose Boston Pizza

  • Availability, goals in life, where do you see yourself in 5 years, brag about yourself.

  • The type of questions were to do with the job, what my qualifications and job experiences I had done previously, what wage I previously received and what wage I now deemed fair to receive.

  • Expierence, skills

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