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My hair is going to be dyed silver & my manager told me it’s a family restaurant, would that be a problem?

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Not at all. they are very accepting over most things! mine has a woman with a septum piercing and a lot of the girls have tattoos!

Réponse du - Hostess (Current Employee) - Edmonton, AB

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Oh no! BP is a great place to express yourself and be who you are. Any colour hair is fine, as long as you're there to work, no one will criticize your hair or make up.

Réponse du - Server (Former Employee) - Wasaga Beach, ON

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This would not be a problem as many of the staff are young adults that all agree that any employee should be able to express themselves however they want as long as it doesn't affect the customers.

Réponse du - Hostess/Server (Former Employee) - Burlington, ON

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Co Owner/floor manager would cringe if I wore white socks.

Réponse du - Server and Hostess and Expo (Former Employee) - Hunt Club, ON

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