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Do managers get tip outs or ability to make tips on an occasional serving shift?

11 réponses

Yes they do.

Yes and yes

Managers get tip out based on how many hours they work, sometimes if its necessary management can pick up a few tables to help out but they rarely take the tips from it.

I personally don't think managers get the tip out. I believe they are salary based. Our manager would manage part-time and drive part-time for the tip option.. but that wasn't my field, or business so I could be incorrect.

Not at my location no, I've seen managers fill in serving shifts when no one else can, but that's the only time I've seen them receive tips.

I think managers get tips when they take on a serving shift, I'm pretty sure they do, as for tip-out, I'm not sure.

Yes Mangers made tips every shift they worked, a percentage would be taken off of each servers tips at the end of the shift.

Yes, occasionally.

Yes as long as approved by the owner only.

They are not allowed.

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