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Why did you leave your job at Bombardier?

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Management is not good in taking care of the workers there are people who is too lazy to work And they are the one who is chosen to stay while some are hardworking like me that got lay off this December management feeds the lazy workers to stay thats why they got bank crop no aircraft is getting done because of lazy workers union does not care of who lazy or not as long they are getting paid they are happy union is not good in the company better take them out!!!

I was scheduled for layoff so I went out and found another job then quit Bombardier.

I gave Bombardier 7+ years of loyalty and good workmanship that amounts to nothing.

My loyalty and good work will now serve a company that values what I bring to the job.

Contract ended and position obsolete due to 3PL....miss it there it was a great place to work.

It was the most unprofessional and unpleasant environment that I had ever experienced. Management (and I use that term loosely) were threatening, degrading and outright abusive. Unqualified individuals passing themselves of as experts, because they are given a title from Bombardier. I was amazed that such an environment existed in 2018. I was hired as a line Manager and quickly realized that the position was just a means of circumventing Ontario labour law. I don't recommend it to anyone.

Management are like high schoolers with a title, promoted after a couple of months of service. They shout and swear to employees. Lack maturity vision and respect for others.

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Many of my co-workers had gas issues and weren't shy about sharing them continually throughout the shift. I could barely breathe half the time. It was rude and disgusting and almost inhuman what I had to.smell.

Got laid off

Needed a break from the highly intense environment

Left to take care of parents who were sick with cancer an very elderly

Caught in organization downsizing.

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