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What is the company culture at Bombardier?

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The hardest workers are continuously picking up the slack for the lazy workers who spend most of their days playing video games on their phones. These new young workers will laugh and joke with management, even socializing outside of work, while the longtime workers carry the burden. Management even joins in with the abuse at times. Yesterday my supervisor told me he was going to take me out back and throw me over the fence into a hole! Why? Because of upcoming lay-offs he feels I should be retiring so the young people can stay. He voiced that to another person I work with as well. We have dedicated twenty + years of our lives to this organization only to be used and abused. The Ageism is rampant, but meanwhile we do the vast majority of the work.

Very nice ethics policy on the paper, unfortunately does not work in the real life.
Low morale, lack of team spirit.

One word: chaos

Like living in a third world country. May they also have better system

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