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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Bombardier?

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Remove the unoin

Bombardier needs to hire capable management. Most of Managers are clueless and require product and process training.
The work environment is toxic and there is no team work culture promoted by company or by incapable management.

Imported junkies from Belfast are clueless about Canadian culture, Canadian work environment, Bombardier products and Processes.

They need to be shipped back to Shorts ASAP in order to improve Bombardier image as a company.

Do their jobs in a manner that best serves the company and it's employees rather than just covering their own butts and passing the buck.

Get managers who actually know how to manage.

Complete contracts on time

Prevent any massive lay off

Bombardier need to improve its sales team.Hire good people in sale who could sale the aircraft to generate enough revenue to avoid future lay off's.

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