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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Bombardier?

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La corrélation entre les paroles et les actes (évolution)

A change in Management and administrative structure. Hand picking of selected qualified individuals being used to staff instead of mass hiring.

Reduce the excessively management heavy workforce, foster actual transparent and open communication between mgmt and labour.
Reduce the culture of "us against them" regarding mgmt and labour.

Put people in mgmt positions that actually have the ability to make changes for the better rather than just chasing their tails trying to play catch up under the current failed mgmt strategy.

Stop using/producing lame over used acronistic ideologies (ie. "5S") forced on labour group but ignored by management. These only have value when followed by all from start to end of production.

Reintroduce accessibility where employees don't need to make appointments to meet with mgmt to settle things like pay errors.

Cut back outsourcing mgmt responsibilities so everyone who works here has the same goals and interests for this company and its employees rather than individual contract workers maximising their profit margins at workers expense. This would cut down on the "us against them" culture within the plant..

Sadly though no one is listening...

Treat salaried employees better and help in achieving their full potential and pay overtime and not volunteer time.
-better train management or get qualified managers/directors.

- reduce the amount of people telling you how to do the work and get people to actually do the work.

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