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    Yvan Boisjoli, CEO
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    201 à 500
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    Technologies de l'information


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Merchant Success Specialist (Full-time) in Winnipeg, MB
le 13 juillet 2020
Started off great
Like any Startup company, you take a risk working here. Management was hired externally with zero knowledge of the job, all of them being mall supervisors. In my opinion, there is an issue like in most companies with favoritism.. if you don't brown-nose management, you won't find any growth. Despite this and my efforts to improve the company's Culture as I saw it start to decline, they refused to listen to me and deemed me as 'not of company mentality'. There is also an issue with breaks as some companies often like to skate by at just the legal minimum. If you want a break, it's unpaid and on your own time. Regardless, the culture is still great as the people working there are truly amazing people. My recommendation is apply for anything other than Merchant Success as it is the most stressful and least rewarding of all the jobs at this company.
Merchant Success Specialist in Winnipeg, MB
le 4 mars 2021
Startup company with great benefits
Working at Bold Commerce has the best work experience I've ever had. They've helped me start my real career and I feel like even if I don't stay with the company forever, they've influenced me in choosing a career path. Bold has many great benefits such as a health spending account, personal spending account, free lunches (pre-covid), mentorships, an education fund, you get paid to volunteer, they're big on culture, insurance coverage is great (80-100% on almost everything), and the founders are down to earth.I got hired during covid so my job is remote and will be staying remote. Bold uses so many programs (Slack, Google Meets, Zoom) to keep everyone connected that it honestly doesn't feel like I'm working home alone. I can message any of my colleagues for help and they'll reply immediately. My favourite thing about Bold is definitely the work environment and colleagues. My least favourite part would be the salary - we're definitely underpaid for the amount of work we do everyday, especially when you compare with other tech companies. The management on my team is wonderful; they listen to feedback, reach out if they notice someone's struggling, and most of all they're humble people who don't try to act like they're superior.
Software Developer in Winnipeg, MB
le 23 novembre 2020
All talk about good culture but none do the walk
- If you can talk big and sounds smart, you can do no work, only pushing 1 commit per week and no one will notice. The quiet one will pick up your slack on the background and it won't affect your performance review.- Lots of bragging about diversity and Bold always says on the front that they give full support for people with special 'needs'. In reality, they drag them behind the door, told them that their 'needs' are a hindrance and will be assumed to be the main reason of their failures then fire them quietly.- Tokenized diversity with toxic support. Hired minorities but when these people got bullied in the team, there’s no support from team leaders and HR. They’re basically told to just make peace with the bullies and understand their point of views. - Most team leaders are cowards that will still give fake positive feedbacks to avoid difficult discussions then quietly let higher manager did the ‘soft’ firing by moving the other party to other team. All of these people will quit immediately which will benefit Bold since they don’t have to pay for severance.- Tech team looks like a non satire version of 'The Office' and ‘Office Space’, everyone on the top are 'bros' and women are basically there for jokes materials.- Despite all of the bragging about being a family and transparency, whenever they let someone go there's no transparency and the atmosphere basically turned into a “Town Hiding a Dark Secret". No one says anything but you know that deep down something is wrong. You’re also not allowed to ask anything about it.- Did a 'women on tech' talk once and instead of picking someone from the tech team, they picked someone from HR and Marketing to give talks instead. They reasoned that these women technically are working in tech. Wow, the mental gymnastics to validate that.- Lots of people quit lately and Bold attitude is basically “it’s only natural and we’re fast paced company that’s not for everyone”. No talk about trying to find out what’s wrong and improve the working environment.- Strong 'bro' culture in the tech team and lots of making fun of diversity, bias in tech, non binary genders, safe space and 'political correctness' for whatever that means for the bros. If you think that these kind of initiatives are ridiculous, this is the perfect place for you.
Customer Service in Winnipeg, MB
le 6 septembre 2020
No patrick, Working hard isn't a Cluture.
Management has a communication style of "don't talk to me unless you need to". If they see someone they like they give you the world, but if you do something wrong once, you get the cold shoulder until you're fired or quit. Heartless lay-offs and terminations. Merchant success was the hardest working department in the company. Either due to the talent or the "don't talk to me I'm working" personality they hired, we kicked butt either way. How do they reward hard work? Letting half the department go with no warning while petting everyone's head and saying "everything will be ok".Everything fun there was Hyped too much, felt like a college frat house most of the time. When the time for action came everything was just slapped together half done. Don't be fooled though, if you fall for the trap of actually attending these events they host, you will be eventually shunned from your team. Simply finishing your quota that doesn't mean you can go have fun now. Being a tech company who sold subscriptions for software, there wasn't really much work to do if you were not a developer. Most of my day was spent waiting for the phone to ring and trying to find new ways to get people to open an email. Don't be fooled though, if you looked like at any moment like there was no work to do you would be talked to. You had to look busy, even if there was nothing to do. Everyone did this, but no one admitted to doing it. It reminded me of the movie office space. Learning was not really welcomed during work hours. They speak of a 10% time, but you were always shunned for making your team work harder while you learnt. You were expected to learn on your own time. Tips for Success at Bold: If you're starting off in Merchant Success and want to advance, don't be distracted by the fun things they offer like Lunch, Breaks, or ping pong. Work your butt off every moment you are there, never speak to anyone, and suck up to everything a lead or manager says to you. Smile, nodd, and keep your opinions to yourself because they don't want to hear them, even if they ask they are just testing your loyalty. Good luck and get ready to work.The owners are pretty cool. I wish worked more directly with them.
Quality Assurance Specialist in Winnipeg, MB
le 29 mai 2020
It is more flexible than the average company. If you are in management or software development, it can be a great place to work. I appreciate that there is opportunity for employees to innovate.

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