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Systematic and Safety culture

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Good for starting and for long term career. Some time, you may feel like lots of reporting. However you learn the best practice to manage your statement of work.
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Very challenging but also professionally rewarding

What is the best part of working at the company?Lots of development opportunities What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Complex business to learn in a short period. Need patience and due diligence to learn. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?High expectations with some sense of entitlement due to above average salary and benefits. What is a typical day like for you at the company?High learning opportunities in a very safe environment
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Flexible environment

Very nice environment , flexible for individual contributors , and open minded leadership, constantly practicing seek and speak , listen . Very supportive team
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A great place, unless you get laid off

Great people, great benefits and good pay. Challenging work with lots of opportunities if you put in the work and the years.Unfortunately, layoffs are quit common, and you are not safe unless you have 10+ years. The industry is down for the entry level positions, get in on a trade, and your set
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Easy work and very good pay

The work itself is easy. If you have a thick skin and don't mind some of the drama and complaining it's worth it. For the education requirements, the amount of work and for the pay we get there really is no where else you can make as much.
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Interesting work, high demand

When I worked at Boeing there was no shortage of projects to work on - efficiency was highly lacking. Some managers very supportive and others not so much.
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Needs better work life balance

I would not say don't work here but there needs to be better work life balance. Leaders say the right thing but don't really mean it. There is also zero loyalty to long term employees
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Great fun place to work

Colleagues in the Richmond office are nice and collaborative. The work load is usually quite steady, although it can pickup at times. This is a great role for a new grad looking to pick up industry skills.
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fun workplace

good place to work.. people are friendly there.. they are very helpful.. its also fun to work there.. we just respect to each other.. it is all equal..
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Amazing place to work

Great employees who keep jobs on task. Gym and cafeteria on site. The company works with the employees to get them what they need. Upper management needs to realize who is making the difference and build off of it.
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Decent place to work, Boeing is so big, it is like working for the government

Being a large company, decisions are very slow, sometimes agonizingly slow. If you are looking for a fast moving innovative company, this is not it. Highly regulatory environment, which is to be expected in this industry, so you need to understand decisions are very slow and methodical, checked, and rechecked.
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Safe and Productive place to work.

Well organized and safe work environment. Excellent training before work. Good pay and benefits. Management is always ready to help.lot of internal job advancement opportunities.

Points positifs

Benefits and pay

Points négatifs

Job security
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Awesome place to work!

I was a contractor laid off due to Covid-19 cuts but it was an awesome place to work! Zero complaints! Management was awesome! winnipeg location is so welcoming!
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Great place to work

Great climate, I enjoyed working there, lots of learning. Good health and safety practices. Cafeteria has good prices and discounts for employees. Training is very extensive and good

Points positifs

Great lunch-snacks prices

Points négatifs

Parkade in the winter is brutal
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Best Company

Generous salary. Work life balance. Company holds workshop, safety trainings, monthly meeting. Very inclusive and has big canteen where you can buy lunch for cheap.
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Boeing is a great place to work. Challenging, fun and lots of room for advancement.

The company has a great team of people and the work environment is safe and clean. The build products for all of the major airplane programs and the training is robust so you get to know the parts well to be successful.
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Interesting work environment - the GM position typically changes every 4-5 years or so which causes constantly changing business goals and objectives

Boeing Canada Technology provides ample opportunity for advancement, but is plagued by politics and a lack of vision. Salary is great, as well as benefits. The work environment can be frustrating at times though in dealing with management.

Points positifs

Excellent wages and benefits

Points négatifs

Poor management team.
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Very productive and busy. Nice enough parking lot.

Human resources not being help pretty much due to problem solved. Workers didn't do the properly work or installed for everyone and for next shifts. That's how I lost my job.

Points positifs

Exercise room, big building to walk around inside if not cooperate weather. Good cafeteria.

Points négatifs

Shift rotates, morale
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Good Benefits, good compensation. There will be some bad oranges but overall good company.

Typical day at work may be repetitive. There are accommodations for proper posture depending on the task given. Management is very approachable.It is also unionized. The hardest part of the job is learning the proper way of the processes involved in the task.The most enjoyable part of the job is knowing that the people around you (atleast in my previous department) treats you like family.

Points positifs

Good Benefits, good compensation.

Points négatifs

They don't usually lay off but when they do, it is a BIG LAY OFF.
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Great place to work.

Good pay. Good benefits. Most people are friendly. Coworkers are always willing to help. Scary if you are new and on probation. Job is easy once you’ve worked there for a few months.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

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Relax but repetitive work.

Great workplace, salary, benefits, excellent training, and lots of room you can improve on (professional development). Not everyone are easy to work with (politics and dramas) but as long as you are keeping a low profile, all is good. Hard to get to day shift as it is prioritized by seniority.
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