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    11 à 50
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    Services de construction et d'installations
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Junior Estimator

Cambridge, ON

40 000 $ - 60 000 $ par année
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General Labourer in Cambridge, ON
le 10 janvier 2019
productive workplace
what i learned is how to work effectively and efficiently . The work place culture is fun and everyone got along well. the hardest part of the job is the long hours.
Epoxy specialist/ polyurethane specialist in Cambridge, ON
le 13 mars 2021
Dont not work BNE
They are not family oriented, like they say they are i could never spend time with my family. I had my new born son that I barely saw, and they will start cutting hours if you say no if they call you and ask you to work, nothing is done properly and everyone will stab you in the back including Human resources and project manager, and they don't not pay any properly
Lead Hand in 107 manitou dr
le 30 août 2020
I worked there as a kid
Was there 8 years amd learned so much. Best company i ever worked for, to bad i left and ruined my career tho. Been trying to get bk on gor soong but haven't had any success. Been ki kicking myself wver sence i left. If you get on here be smart dont leave.
General labour in 440 Sheldon dr
le 26 août 2020
Management & crew foreman’s
I told them on my phone interview my work skills and experience, I started working for this company August 10th , 2020 Everybody in that crew was new including myself The foreman of that crew was very nice and easy going. The first week started beginning was good running smooth then Wednesday came where we worked 12 hours in the sun and Forman had asked everyone if everyone wanted to sleep in and come in late the next day some agreed some didn’t I slept in the next day and drove right to the site In the morning , when usually I’d go to the shop and get a ride to work site, we spoke on the phone for the interview they knew everything about my situation and still didn’t care because I don’t in trouble for that day for sleeping in when the boss had offered and I accepted The next week after I was at work till 2:30 pm on Wednesday the 19th I went to Forman and said I’m not feeling well and that I’m going to stop for the day and go home didn’t want to am hurt myself or other He had said “ if you have to go then you have to go “ I obliged and said see you tomorrow Also have a Doctors note from my family doctor from that day but I still got a call from the office saying I just left the premises without saying anything which is very incorrect then proceeded to say I’m not working for the rest of the week due to that and she had also gave me a lot of problems and grief over the phone when I was just protecting and defending myself they made it seem I was doing negligence when that wasn’t the case also had told me I’m wasting her time on the phone very rude of Heather but I still stayed cause wasn’t letting anyone discourage me i went to work this week the 24th August to a new crew , new job , New place And worked myself off even out preformed other workers on the same crew Forman of that crew also had to me the job I did looks goodAnd Tuesday August 25th at 2:00 pm the Forman comes to me says I quote “ you going home today there’s a shortage of work today “ I said ummm okay that’s confusing cause of what happened week prior I wanted to protect myself I wanted to confirm with the office Again they hadn’t picked up the phone I left a voice mail and email stating what just happened Then 10 mins later I get a call from bob someone who isn’t watching me work or anything because ones that are told me I was doing good work but I got fired because “ I don’t fit in the culture “ , “ I’m not professional enough “ It’s a bunch of men working constuction I don’t understand all that even when I asked Bob to elaborate and clarify on that he stutters and end up saying good luck out there all the best and hangs out !!!!Are you kidding me the management is this company is very poor , and it’s shady not honestI had called asked multiple times what I had done so I can work on it and fix it for my next job I’m still left clueless no solid answers or proof even Firing someone because they don’t fit in the culture sounds like discrimination of some sort I was on time , did all tasks that were given to me correctly In good time matter , very polite and punctualBut yet what I feel and see is I’m a fully tattooed person that works on whatever the boss says When breaks come I eat alone and when I see everyone coming back I’m back at work I honest feel I was wrongfully dismissed 100% Can’t just fire someone cause you don’t like them and not even because of their work ethic I’ve asked that on the phone and he never confirmed it so I’m lead to believe I got fired cause the company didn’t like me as a person period. And also I was starting at 29$ and hour and there’s other workers there been there way longer gettting a lot less than me and hour and they worked there much longer then me and I just started Management is poor
Business Development Specialist in Cambridge, ON
le 23 juillet 2020
A great place to collaborate with team members
We have regular team check-ins which is great to keep everyone on the same page. If you have ideas the company and the teams are open to hear recommendations. Management is approachable and support continued growth in their team members. In construction dead lines are important, there are times when things get busy and you really need to pull together as a team to get the work completed on time.
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