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Une journée de travail à BMO à été très agréable et enrichissant.Bonne communication et un bon travaille d’équipeLa direction est très exigeante Diversité agréable bonne endroit pour le travailL’aspect le plus difficile de mon poste ( toute a été transféré au Inde pour le travail, il nous restait seulement que le travail final à expédier )La communication avec les collègues

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Great benefits

The most interesting thing about working at BMO and the work that I do is the positive impact that I can have on my clients and employees. Often challenges are presented but when I am able to rise to the challenge and make things work for a client or employee, it can be incredibly rewarding.
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Feeling of meaningless and isolation

After 8 months with BMO as a customer service representative, I have learned a few things. One of them being that productivity is favoured over client care, meaning that although they preach client satisfaction, they truly care more about statistics. Our specific statistics such as call time, hold time and after call work are constantly shared with the entire team to keep us updated on where we are throughout the day which is intended as motivation but is far more intimidating and embarassing even if long calls occasionally are out of your hands. Overall the pressure, lack of attention for customers and solitude of working from home just simply doesn't create a good work environment
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A bit stressful, but overall good.

The job itself is decent, you get to see people face-to-face every day and get to know them. and the pay is much higher than doing something like retail. The branch I work at is fairly small so it tends to get a lot of regulars. Unfortunately, training is a bit lacking. They don't really set out a schedule or time to actually train new staff with day-to-day banking procedures and how everything in the system works (which is incredibly complicated most days), even long-term employees seem unsure about some aspects of it. Training that is provided is mostly a deep-dive into security, company culture, and selling. As a Customer Service Representative you also will often find yourself left alone on the floor to deal with the customers a great deal, so lines often form and doesn't leave you any time to finish other tasks you need to do, like faxing or answering the phones.
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salaires bas, overtime non payé,

la charge de travail est trop grosse donc l'employé doit faire du temps supplémentaire non rémunéré tres difficile de reprendre le temps supplémentaire...
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A rewarding place to work.

This was a rewarding employer to work for as long as you could keep up with all the training and meet expectations. Management were caring and clear on Employee expectations and benchmarks.
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Bad work environment

Working at a branch in Oakville, ON as a customer service representative. The Job itself was okay, But manager and assistant manager at the time was not helpful at all. It would be extremely busy and there is a line-up and I will be the only CSR at the branch and the Assistant Manager would just stay there doing nothing and not helping. Also, there was no a training program when I started working, just job shadowing, then I had to ask everything on-the- job and that made the customer wait.

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Good Benefits

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Management was the worst in the Branch
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Better than working at Desjardins

Just great overall so far , I've been working there for more than a year now and ive made a couple of friends and the pay is actually pretty good (around 23$/h) for customer service small business credit cards.
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Call center Rep experience

Scoreboard is major focus of work, at the expense of experience for both employees and clients. Forced to push credit products on every single client that calls in - solving issues they may have is less important. Unrealistic expectations for how long a human can work and remain focused and personable. High sales goal & adherence pressure, low support (depending on manager/asm), combined with low pay. Not worth pursuing success. Good benefits. (~40kyr)
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Decently fun environment

Overall it was a good experience although I did realize this was unfortunately not for me. It might be for someone else but unfortunately overall it was not for me
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Too much work, not enough pay.

Too much work, high pressure, sometimes stressful, lots of changes. Large team made it hard to get to know colleagues. Enjoyed structured, regular hours.
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Pay a proper salary/wage

$19/hr for an experienced writer? That's a disgrace! All you are doing is lowering the pay rate for writers in an industry that is already tough to get a meaningful, livable wage. Shame.
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Stressful, Long Hours, No advancement

BMO is a bank that not only pays you very less compared to other banks but there is also no recognition for the extra hours and the hard work you do. They love to see you work like a robot and run around like a dog. They pay you very low yet they expect the world from you. You have to be working every second of the day. Taking a 15 minute break was a problem for BMO, you can only take your lunch. At BMO, you dont feel like your a human. You feel like your a robot.BMO doesn't aknowledge the fact that people have a life outside of work. You work for extra hours everyday. You are basically working 50 hours a week for a very low salary. They should pay more if they want that kind of work done by employees and have a less stressful environment so that employees can breath.

Points positifs

Employee Discount

Points négatifs

Long hours, low salary, stressful environment
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There is no company like BMO

Working as an employee for BMO was the best career decision of my life . I wouldn’t want it any other way . If you are looking for a company that has your back , “BMO” it is
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Great supportive staff

Amazing experience working at bmo.Learnt a lot and really improved myself.Got a chance to experience banking side as well as personal side of relationship building.
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The worst place to be

BMO was my worst error in my entire life .please don’t waste your time. They will just suck you and then Throw you out to the garbage .
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BMO Financial Planner

This is an on site job while all other FI are having the flexible model of working from home. It is very frustrated when you factoring the commuting cost and lunches to go work in office while there is no business(pandemic, clients are working from home), and you have to make cold call every day to get business. Management is not accommodating only result oriented, not paying attention on overall employee advancement or career development
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BMO Custome Service

High pressure from management to get the calls in queue processed. Performance metrics are too demanding to adequately help the customers leading to frustrated clients and lots of errors made by employees because of the pressure.
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Not a career

Rude and don’t care about employees. Only profit. Would rather throw you under the table then help you succeed. They lie to and treat employees like dogs
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Ok job for entry level into the banking sector. Can be chaotic at times, salary less than other competitors. Management is not always taking the correct decisions to facilitate the operations and the functioning of the department.
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Toute ma carrière avec eux

Super bonne compagnie, grand respect, équilibre travail/famille, bon salaire, facile de gravir les échelons, beaucoup de support du managment, équipes excellentes!
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