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Quels sont les horaires de travail chez BMO Groupe financier?

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Full-time hours are regular. 8:45-5:15p however you are paid 7.50 hours max so you are essentially working 30 mins for free every day. There is no such thing as overtime pay.

Part-time hours vary depending on your manager but employees usually have guaranteed hours. 12 a week for very P/T. 18.75 more flexible P/T.

Some branches will pressure you to attend “mandatory” meetings and not pay you. Most of those meetings are unnecessary. Some others will pay you accordingly for meetings.

8hours standard

8hours standard

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7.5 hours per day for fulltime staff

Eight thirty to four thirty

Working hours are steady. 8:45-5:15 everyday Monday to Friday.

Wide variety of shifts ranging from mornings to overnights

The bank has a 7.5 hours work day and is a 9am - 5pm environment. However, the bank has flexibility to accommodate your commuting schedule.

At that time i think they were M-W 10-3, T&F 10-8 and Sat. 10-4

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