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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez BMO Groupe financier?

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  • The environment and culture at the BMO contact centre in mississauga is TERRIBLE. Management and senior management are completely incompetent. You're not treated as an employee, or human, but rather cattle that is just there to perform tasks that they are being paid for. Work/life balance is non-existant. You work the hours they tell you to, booking vacation is done a year in advance. You will be micro-managed depending on the manager. Pay is low. You ask ANY employee in any dept if they like their job, they will say no.

  • I'm interests profit strategy freedom and international training score and traveling flight international USA after investment and selling

  • Friendly to all co workers as well team work

  • Corporate comfortable culture. very positive/ customer centric.

  • Excellent work environment

  • Good work environment, fast paced, no security

  • Friendly , very competitive , work as a team .

  • It depends on your team and your branch.

  • Heavily micro-managed with focus on targets. The rest of just to make it appear that people do matter. People are dime a dozen. They never cared about their people.

  • It was okay at the time, similar to most discount brokerages, where the traders are busy and we leaned back office for support

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