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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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nothing but work

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you do your job and you will be ok , not a place to work if you are a team player the owner runs blue line as if it was 1980 , they refuse to modernise with computers and so on......

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good trucks

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patched up trailers
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worst company to work for. CHECKS BOUNCING EVERY MONTHS.

It was an excellent company to work for, for more then 20 years, that is until it was sold to Automan express(trucking company from Brampton ON). When they took over company is simply unrecognizable. all the staff that could find another job left. Very handfull of drivers stayed with company to be treated as lower class employees. All the qualified mechanics and maintenance staff that ware keeping trucks and trailers in excellent condition, had to leave. DO NOT WORK for this company. they will promise everything, but if you don't speak any other language but English you will be puzzled about what is staff talking about even when they talk to each other about official bussineSs. CHECKS BOUNCING OFTEN.

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If you like to be disrespected, molested, ignored, lied to, treated as lower class citizen don't miss this opportunity.

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trucks in disrepair, Checks bouncing, trailers loosing wheels on the road, officials lie shameless, trucks are kept unlocked and often other drivers handle your stuff stealing what they need, KEEP OUT OF THIS company for your own good healt.
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You won’t be paid!!!!

This company has a Hugh issue in paying there employees…..decent equipment, but ever since the new owners took over, they are completely clueless from dispatching to payroll no one has a clue and I’ve been the biz for 20yrs….these guys are the worst! Stay far away.

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Decent equipment

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Not paying on time if at all!!
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Worst company

Its the worst company to work with. The work culture is so ridiculous. The owner doesn't have respect for anyone. You will be highly disappointed if you work here. They fire everyone. They go personal in work life. They don't keep employees for more than longer.
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Productive and learning all the time

Loved working here, had to move on for personal reasons, never bored, learned new systems and processes. Great staff always ready to help and teach new things.
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Can be fun depending on your trips.

Ok company to work for, they gave me a chance even tho I was green at the time. So for that I’m grateful because that job thought me a lot ; and I got to go all over America

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Long hours
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need more proper system

the hardest part of the job is there's no team work, and there's no consistency of work

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some employees are rude
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Very productive learning experience

It was definitely a learning experience in a office setting. I had alot of responsibilities in relation to all office operations such as: receptionist, all administrative duties, banking, invoicing, setting up meetings in the boardroom, etc. I gained alot of knowledge with this job and unfortunately the job was only available for a short time.

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gained alot of knowledge and experience for the short time i was there.

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alot of continual office gossiping
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