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Pourrais être mieux desriger les chauffeurs de camion qui vont au etat unit
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Gone downhill.

Friendly but has gone down hill since they were bought. Lots of sitting, poor planning. Have worked there for 12 years but may have to leave. Their new driver program is good as it gets people. with limited experience in the door.
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Was a shunter, team driver and LCV driver

This company is what you make of it. There are lots of good runs there are lots of not so great runs just like anywhere else. Worked on nights so generally dealt with people who knew who you were. That may not be the case working days.A lot of ongoing training and online/yearly review courses ect. For a new driver I would say that they will teach you a lot of things and the proper way to do it. I was making 80k/yr working 4 days a week on LCV. This was including the night and weekend bonuses they offer. They also have a safety bonus.

Points positifs

Decent home time if you get a scheduled run. monetary bonus structure.

Points négatifs

It is still a trucking job. If you hate the job itself no company will be the right fit.
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I really like working in Bison Transport. Very supportive management and opportunities to excel further in career.

Bison transport is a very reputable company is Transport sector. The management helps in growth, provides the opportunity to excel and the supportive culture among the employees is very appreciable.

Points positifs

Fuel Subsidy, Direct coaching, supportive team

Points négatifs

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Great learning environment and positive culture

I have learned a lot of things ever since I started at Bison and have grown my professional skills with the support of my management!The work environment is really positive even though it is a fast-paced dynamic workplace.

Points positifs

Opportunity to grow
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Worst company to work for as experience driver

Worst company by far from pay an they don’t care about you home time always push an force dispatch just make there quarterly you can spend months on the road they don’t care for you

Points positifs

Free food training

Points négatifs

Everything else is trash about this company
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Good place to work

Great company and new equipment all time. Friendly team.clean work .Regular pay.Training was great experience the incab instructors were so professional and knowledgeable of the trucking industry

Points positifs

Great training

Points négatifs

None really
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Low pay, low quality

Place could be better but too cheap to pay good wages. Too many new people being brought in the revolving door with no training or idea how to do their job. Run the other way, don't walk!

Points positifs

Free lunch once in a while

Points négatifs

Horrible management, that is always micro managing. Even when they have no clue about what they're doing.
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Truck turned down in speed because computer said I was not safe. Two weeks later given an award for safe driving. Does that make sense?

What is the best part of working at the company?Working for bison transporter was the absolute worst decision of my 33 year career. Was lied to about every aspect of the job to get me in the door. Would never ever ever recommend them to anybody.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Working for bison was the most stressful part
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This is a great company.

I would say one of the best company with my experience in transport business. Very Professional company. I feel respected and valued for what I work for this firm. I am honored to be a part of this company.
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Great fun Workplace

Great place to work with lots of smiling people and activities. Great culture! Fast paced environment. Different shift options depending on role!!!!!
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Well run company

I've been driving here for over 5 years now, and I have very little negative to say about the company. They look after the details. They are super-safety conscious, and I appreciate that.
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Fast - Paced Fun!

At Bison Transport - there is a lot of things to love about this work place. Everyone is always so friendly and has smiling faces. Despite how busy people may be, there is always time to take small breaks to chat with friends/co-workers to build relationships/friendships within the company. Lots of activates (spirit week type, "Friday fun activity", free summer lunches") are a good incentive on keeping everyone feeling appreciated and heard. Although there is lots of work to be done in the transport field - Bison Never fails to show threes always time for a bit of fun!

Points positifs

Friendly people, free lunches (occasionally)
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Culture and Growth

I enjoy working for a company that is constantly looking to be better. Bison continues to teach, develop and give staff the ability to grow. We test and adopt new technology's both in the office and on the equipment on the road. In a very dynamic, fast paced, demanding industry, Bison works to make the job life better. Providing weekly lunches through the summer, recognition programs, awards dinners, fun holiday breakfasts like St Patricks day, team building nights are enjoyable and bring the staff together.

Points positifs

Diversity, Culture, Growth
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Great People

A typical day is never typical, always challenging (in a good way), never a dull moment. There is potential for so much growth at Bison. They have so much free training, courses, anything you could want to do.
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Great place to work

Collaborative environment with a great work culture. Leaders are supportive of growth if you put in effort. Great culture and environment.
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not good for starting

Not good for those who just want to start their carrier as will not get that much to do only thing you will do till you get signed trash works cleaning detailing and doing the jobs that other apprentices doesn't do that.
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Bad management and poor wages

Good training program paying minimum wages . Training management will treat you more like a number than a person. U r not allowed to talk or listen to radio in long haul training
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Team-based and supportive environment to help employees grow

It's a fast paced environment with various priorities. It was hard at the beginning but I was able to get a lot supports to help me grow in the company.

Points positifs

free lunches, free gym, lunch and learn sections, diversity
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Great place to work as a company driver if working in team. Good pay package for team drivers especially driving to states. Plan your vacation with no problem at all.
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Good Place

Very good place to work, everyone is really helpful all you have to do is just ask if you’re in doubt. I have fantastic experience working here and moreover there is lots of room for advancement!
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