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Si vous deviez quitter Bison Transport, quelle en serait la raison?

9 réponses

Unprofessional staff and unrealistic expectations.

I left Bison because of poor customs, dispatch, operations and Eastern planning management. Dispatchers and customs are not qualified, trucks are sitting at the border for a night due to missing trailer license plate numbers for ACI (night dispatch cannot fix customs issue as they are not trained), plans for drivers for 300 miles per a day out of Mississauga with no communication, appointments not confirmed so drivers are sitting waiting for appointments, fleet managers are hired with no experience. Dispatch supervisor puts every late as driver error even if the plan was not put together properly not focusing of the original cause of delay but rather on driver not notifying of planning error of his error.

For better pay, they pay is low end, bonuses, but quarterly. Recruiters say 1 thing reality quite different, BISON DOESN'T PAY PRACTICAL MILES, They pay Shortest Practical at best. Will insert way points to lower miles. Will deduct miles when on the road during cut-off, Medical Benefits are really good, But also Really Expensive to Employees. Routing Software OUT OF DATE.

Poor pay and working conditions

Poor salary, & maintainance

Management first and really really low pay. No understanding of how life happens and you can't control it. Unpaid personal days, horrible benefits. Not a family orientated company

I don't have any plans to leave. I expect to be with Bison until I retire.

Low pay and misleading information about the job

Not a great location for someone without a car. Pay way too little for people with degrees.

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