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Soins infirmiers


Accountant (Châteauguay, QC)
le 5 mars 2020
Hectic yet pleasant
As busy as the pharmacy may get employees are always helpful and pleasant to make time seem to pass fast. Efficiency is a must when it comes to pharmaceuticals as it concerns people's health.
Home office (Moncton, NB)
le 23 août 2021
A true culture of collaboration and innovation
Very welcoming from day one, everyone is very open and helpful. Lots of collaboration with other departments-everyone is willing to hear new ideas-and always looking ways to be more innovative -which is great! It can be fast paced, but the training was well done and thought-out so not too overwhelming and the team was very supportive.
Manager (New Brunswick)
le 14 août 2021
Poor Management and no direction for new hires
I had extremely high hopes when coming into this company but was extremely disappointed from day 1. Off the bat I was not supplied with the supplies needed to complete my job and was told to just hang out and had minimal communication the rest of the day unless I reached out. Management had no time to answer questions or offer support. I agree with other reviews of management being made up of friends from within the company and it causes a lot of issues when you have no where to turn with concerns because it’s all a friend group. Direct manager was not capable of leading a team and had a very obvious fear of someone outshining them which lead to them being toxic towards team members. Benefits we’re very good and compensation was okay but I the work environment and lack of trust in employees abilities made no amount of pay or benefits worth it.
Patient Enrollment Coordinator (Moncton, NB)
le 9 août 2021
No Training on Administrative Role
Nepotism at it's finest especially if your bilingual. No training whatsoever. Sink or swim. Learned a lot but on your own. Expected to reach out for every little thing is the hardest part of this job because you go in feeling like you know nothing except for how to enter information into a computer.Co workers are friendly and helpful. Great team to work. The work load is insane, needs more employees. Often left feeling overwhelmed, with no one to turn to for guidance.
Patient Care Coordinator (Moncton, NB)
le 11 juin 2021
Company Needs Work
The Recourse Centre division needs revision. Especially in regards to work duties/roles and amount of staff. This division is made up of about 20-25 people (supervisor lead roles not included). The staff is tasked almost entirely all the scheduling and admin work. More staff is needed considering the amount of clinic and patients. We are confronted with complaints from patient, clinic, and patient support programs on a regular basis. It is impossible to keep on top of the amount of admin work, when we have to handle patient incoming calls. The company should look at changing the amount of duties this division is tasked with. The current state of this section of the company is a fast-paced, hectic, and stressful environment. The larger clinics (open 4-5 days a week) should have a on-site office administrative assistant. That individual should be responsible for patient physical chart maintenance, sanitation and cleaning preparation, assistance with medication storage, and tasked with scheduling during clinic hours. That way the resource division can focus of more of online administrative work. If not they really need to hire more staff. need a team of 30-50 people per team (not including supervisor lead roles).

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