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Quels sont les horaires de travail chez Bill Gosling Outsourcing?

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Our working hours range depending on the office location, time of year, and Client needs. We generally have a range of shifts that can fit for most people’s lives. Our recommendation is to reach out to our recruitment team to find out what the current needs are and we’ll likely have a shift that can suit your lifestyle whether Full-Time, Part-Time, Permanent or Seasonal. And if we don’t have something that fits right now, we will contact you when something does come up!

19 novembre 2018

- shifts are all over the place and at their whim - can't rely on shifts staying constant

Shift work. Some weeks you work days, others mornings. But it's the sporadic start times that most people dislike.

Consistent hours, full time or part time, lots of breaks, sometimes overtime available

They change regularly so beware!

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