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  • Comment décririez-vous l'environnement de travail et la culture d'entreprise?
  • Quels sont les horaires de travail?
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26 questions

The most toxic group of amateur and unprofessional Directors, Team Leaders and Team I have ever worked with in the past 30 years. Stay away from here if you are smart!

Réponse du 24 mai 2020

Dealing with incompetent coworkers who lack emotional intelligence. Very unprofessional group in general.

Réponse du 22 septembre 2019

BGIS goes into businesses and promises to save them money on their operations. First thing they do is cut funding on maintenance. They run the equipment into the ground and only do repairs unless there is redundancy present. After 3-5 years of complete incompetence they cry for more funding from the customer and then get replaced with another equally incompetent property management company. So my answer to how the future looks for BGIS, not good....not good at all

Réponse du 19 août 2019

From nonstop urgency working long hours without being paid to regular manageable hours.

Réponse du 3 juillet 2019

Hi sir I have start is low postion and I have work every brand machine and chiller and office work check my cv thank

Réponse du 7 mai 2018

4-5 weeks with background and reliability security clearance

Réponse du 18 décembre 2018

Working from home away from the horrible Team

Réponse du 9 septembre 2019

You spend half of the week on useless conference calls. Therefore you end up working up to 60 hours / week to catch up on the actual work your supposed to be doing.

Réponse du 22 septembre 2019

First question asked was how much i was seeking. Companies that ask that want high end at dollar store prices.... needless to say I did not get a call back.

Réponse du 25 août 2019
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