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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive and fun atmosphere

Great pay,great management, and over all a great place to work. It's busy but fun. Positive and working together as a team is a big part of the best western plus approach and it's fantastic.
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Family atmosphere

Family atmosphere Staff was truly amazing and treated Employees With nothing but respect… I will miss each and everyone of my coworkers.The only con was There was a high turnover rate and the pay was very low for the amount of work that was given on a daily.. I believe they should be paying more than minimum wage for the amount of work that the staff is doing
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Amazing manager

Amazing place to work the staff is great to work with. Wish I never left. Wanted to go to work everyday because of the lack of being pressured. Highly recommend working here.
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Everyone in this hotel is great. Managment truly cares and makes you feel welcome. coworkers are nice and you form great relationship. highly recommend. front desk is very fun and fast paced, guests are so nice
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Horrible management and workplace gossip was rampant

I got promoted to a supervisor after two weeks of working at Best Western. The managers would gossip about me and try to get me in trouble constantly. I don’t recommend working here.
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Dont even bother applying

Worst management ive ever experienced, you work your a** off with minimal/no appreciation, they try to underpay you on a salary you've previously agreed on, don't bother complaining about issues with other employees because they'll just be brushed off, but don't worry they will make sure to blame you if the slightest thing goes wrong, they overwork you and give u nothing to show for it sometimes not so much as a thank you
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Good place to work. One owner in particular was very helpful and accessible.

I enjoyed my roughly 15 years working at the BW They we’re willing to listen to suggestions and followed many of them. They were open with their future plans and listened to my plans. They trusted me!
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Great place to work. Always feel appreciated

They are always there to help in anyway and really appreciate their staff. Their wages are the best in town. They always have your back if an issue occurs with a guest.

Points positifs

Great management
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Great & not bad at all and great and good work. Hard but rewarding, must be fast paced and have rooms clean in 30 minutes. Sometimes customers leave rooms super messy
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Just fine

Typical day would consist of checking-in guests and answering phone calls. The job is very fast paced as we only had one person working at the desk at most times.

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Tough environment not willing to do what is nessary

Good people, some overly talkative and invasive into personal lives sooo much gossip, management is good and always trying to help with all day to day activities, the owners are tough to work with , great tenants and are a pleasure to assist
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Pretty productive but management is horrible. Most staff are friendly but there will always be those people who aren’t that friendly and gossip. Wage is fair to start.
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It was pretty great

it was a pretty great environment, stressful at times. Sometimes management was all over the place, not particularly organized. but they definitely tried to help.
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It's such a great place to work! They make it known that they appreciate you & what you do. They treat you like family and have fun, relaxing staff get-togethers & trips!
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Toxic manager

enjoyed my coworkers and the job itself but manager is awful to work for. Rude, demeaning, talks down to staff, promises the world to the staff but never delivers. Does not provide opportunities for growth within the business.
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It was ok

Fascinating, high paced and demanding but rewarding too. No bonuses anymore. Paid lunch on site but you also only get 1 half hour break to eat. They seem to ignore the government standards for that.
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Manager was nice

I was immediately hired at my interview and demoted before even having started my first shift. Applied to be front desk but ended up being a housekeeper. Long hours, no breaks. Incredibly understaffed.
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Hard work, but decent pay

I worked as a Housekeeper with Best Western, the work itself is definitely tough but we were paid fairly well and the staff throughout the hotel were pleasant to work with.
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Amazing place

alway love going to work ,everyone is amazing ,friendly and very helpful. Everyone treat eachother with so much respect even managers are very helpful
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good coworkers.absolutely horrible management...terrible pay....demeaning trash management. embarassed to have worked is snobby and reason. earns it's terrible reputation.tldr: don't bother. it's bad

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everything else
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