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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Le membre du personnel est chaleureux et accueillant.
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Tough environment not willing to do what is nessary

Good people, some overly talkative and invasive into personal lives sooo much gossip, management is good and always trying to help with all day to day activities, the owners are tough to work with , great tenants and are a pleasure to assist
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Pretty productive but management is horrible. Most staff are friendly but there will always be those people who aren’t that friendly and gossip. Wage is fair to start.
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It was pretty great

it was a pretty great environment, stressful at times. Sometimes management was all over the place, not particularly organized. but they definitely tried to help.
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It's such a great place to work! They make it known that they appreciate you & what you do. They treat you like family and have fun, relaxing staff get-togethers & trips!
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Toxic manager

enjoyed my coworkers and the job itself but manager is awful to work for. Rude, demeaning, talks down to staff, promises the world to the staff but never delivers. Does not provide opportunities for growth within the business.
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It was ok

Fascinating, high paced and demanding but rewarding too. No bonuses anymore. Paid lunch on site but you also only get 1 half hour break to eat. They seem to ignore the government standards for that.
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Manager was nice

I was immediately hired at my interview and demoted before even having started my first shift. Applied to be front desk but ended up being a housekeeper. Long hours, no breaks. Incredibly understaffed.
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Hard work, but decent pay

I worked as a Housekeeper with Best Western, the work itself is definitely tough but we were paid fairly well and the staff throughout the hotel were pleasant to work with.
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good coworkers.absolutely horrible management...terrible pay....demeaning trash management. embarassed to have worked is snobby and reason. earns it's terrible reputation.tldr: don't bother. it's bad

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Points négatifs

everything else
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Dead end job. Once had great staff but everyone quit.

Kitchen work is severely underpaid, supervisors were alright, manager was incredibly rude, hours are great for a student in the area, but dont bother driving out. No opportunity for growth, but some learning experiences. Overall, good for a year or two while in high school, but get out when you find yourself with bills.

Points positifs

Free Lunch, Good student job (High School students only), might be friendly chefs.

Points négatifs

Late and long hours (wedding catering), angry manager, low pay, unfair pay comparison to similar positions in same hotel, scheduling can become little to no shifts.
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productive and fun to work

I love how we're not afraid to admit we don't know all the answers and work together. Given it's a networking company, people are cognizant of getting to know others. More than other companies there can be a willingness to lift other's boats with their own.
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Love giving 100%

I take pride in my work. I expect fair pay for fair work. I am a straight line. Starting salary for hard working experience housekeeper should be $15.75
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A great learning opportunity

Being a front desk clerk was my favourite job ever in terms of daily requirements and problem solving. Where it fails is housekeeping and management. The owners cut loads of corners, most often in their housekeeping department. I would have daily complaints and room moves because of how disgusting the rooms were. It quickly became embarrassing to work the front desk. As the face of the hotel all complaints were directed to the front desk clerk.

Points positifs

Learning opportunities

Points négatifs

Lack of leadership
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Fun co workers

Great place to work, it can be very stressful but if handle properly you will do just fine. If you are someone who loves to interact with people, this is the best place to work.
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It is Okay

The job depending on what you get is okay, sometimes people there can be pretty mean and rude, some of them are nice. The pay is not enough to cover most bills though, could be better if communication was a lot better, and cutting off toxic workers would better the work environment. Overall it’s fine.
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Management is not as welcoming as initial introductions would imply.

Management is not as welcoming as initial introductions would imply. They like to make false accusations to drive you to quit so they dont have to deal with firing you

Points positifs

Discount on rooms

Points négatifs

Long hours. Forced overtime. No appreciation. Abusive. Horrendous working conditions
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Exploitation, no reward

(Housekeeper) Long days, constant work, little break time. The harder you work, the more work you get, no reward for doing extra work, helping others, or staying late. Promises are not upheld, generally a toxic environment, competitive with little benefits to exceeding.

Points positifs

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Great place for career minded

BW is a great place to work because of the strong management and empowering workplace culture. I've been in the industry for 35+ years so it's not my first rodeo. Anytime you are still LEARNING and developing at this stage in your career is a testament to working for BW.

Points positifs

Management and culture

Points négatifs

the pay could be more competitive, benefits are great.
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Worst place I have ever worked. Do your self a favor and don't bother, unless you are desperate

Have been in this business over 25 years, worst job I have ever had. Management has no idea what they are doing. In 8 months of working there I stopped counting after I seen 30 employees come and go. Truly a bad work environment

Points positifs

Nice view

Points négatifs

Management has no clue how to run a business, treat staff, or cater to guests needs
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Recommended a tous. Tres professionalist

Bonne ambiance . Securitaires. Une tres Belle eqipe. BON SALAIRE AVEC AVANTAGE.

Points positifs

Bien payer. Repas a moitier priz

Points négatifs

Beaucoup trop de cheque out a Faire
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