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Si vous deviez quitter Best Western, quelle en serait la raison?

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  • I worked in Cobourg as a server. Like another said I also had to work 6:30am-3am and the manager forced us to sign out and right back in not to get paid overtime. Constantly being called in, can’t plan anything. Manager gossips about Staff and customers, unprofessional. Slow paced. Was bullied. Not a good place to work.

  • Cut throat, never treated like part of a team, lack of respect, draining

  • I love to work at BW. If I move but will look for another BW to work in the nearest region. They recognize you .Made you a Star but you should love your job

  • Over worked, under paid, under appreciated, expected to be available 24/7, exhausting, disgusting, management is frustrating and clueless to how difficult and draining the work can be.

  • Cheap. Owner always bumming smokes off staff, breaks agreements, underpaid and expectation to be available 24/7. Regularly turns matresses that have been peed on rather than cleaning. Cuts corners for service.

  • The reason would be not been properly taught to clean bathrooms! we were taught to clean with the same toilet brush to wash the tub and sink and toilet... Now that cant be good Right!!

  • Healthy issues(Seasonal Allergies)

  • I left because i moved

  • Not an enjoyable environment , supervisor was childish at times and spiteful when I needed assistance. Was underpayed and treated like garbage like somebody already commented. Wouldn't recommend it.

  • Over worked and treated like garbage

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  1. Si vous deviez quitter Best Western, quelle en serait la raison?