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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Best Western?

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If I was in charge I would.make sure that the Front Desk Staff were trained in all aspects of their jobs.Make sure they know how to handle conflict with Guests effectively and in a mature and calm.manner regardless of the attitude of the guest..Always have information on hand in regards to events and activities available during the guests stay. The Front Desk staff must work as a team and if a conflict arrives then they are to deal with it away from the desk and ask for assistance from their Manager

Ill change the management

Keep it orgaznized and stocked on things we need.

Not discriminate against someone not learning EVERYTHING THEY HAVE LEARNED IN ( 6 YRS) AND WANT U TO LEARN IN 1 MONTH. When every other employees at front desk is Full time and that person was Part time....

I would always be there for all my employee's, and stay by what I say, I wouldn't be talking to other employees about other employees unless it's a issue or something. I also would never yell at any employees, let alone get after them or ask them a work related question in front of a guest while.theubare trying to do four things at once and training at the same time.

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