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Job correcte, mais difficile de monter dans la compagnie si temps partiel

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C’est correcte si tu veux genre travailler pour genre quelques mois, peut-être une année, étant un temps partiel. Si tu travailles temps plein, tu as l’espoir de monter dans la compagnie, mais cela peut prendre plusieurs années. Par contre, si tu est temps partiel, tu ne pourrais pas faire plus que d’être un simple vendeur ou spécialiste.
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Easy Going but not much room for advancement or being compensated fairly

Found myself either slammed with back to back calls or having a break in between, luckily you are paid for the time you are on the road so if you are stuck in traffic that is fine. Clean drivers abstract is important, your team is normally very relaxed and extremely experienced. I learned life long skills with respect to trades from the job but couldn't make it a career. My senior manager made the job extra difficult and micromanaged but that would be a hit or miss depending on location and luck. Was not paid NEARLY how much I should have been for the work that I was doing.
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Allot to learn at workplace and you team supportive team too

This role involves focus n silent selling, improving customer journey and product presentation. You get change to show your creativity and learning admin process.
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Largely okay.

The people that work there are great, it just doesn't feel like you're respected as a person by anyone above store-level. Locations seem to be in a flux state where they're sometimes great, other times completely down the drain.
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Great company, poor leadership

Worked for this company for 3 years. Was fired a day after my anniversary for no cause. A few days prior to this, i had raise yet another concern of many about the managers and their behaviors towards us, and i was told to stop complaining. I was then fired a few days later 20 minutes after starting my shift.The tenured staff had been getting fired at a steady rate, and when asking about job security, was told it wouldnt be a surprise if i were to be fired. Well, i was surprised.I was a PT working 37 hours a week to help, was one of the best trainers in the store, a store champion and had some of the best numbers, but management refused to hold themselves accountable for their actions and i was fired as a result.

Points positifs

Amazing coworkers, in depth product knowledge

Points négatifs

Pressured Sales, Made to feel like commision when it isnt
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Fun place to work

Fun place to work. If you enjoy meeting new customers and get your hand on new tech this job is great place to be. Con : The pay rate is not great but you get employee discount on electronic and tech.
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Good place to start

Good part time job for students or young people trying to get experience. might learn a few sales tricks from the floor but the supervisor are a little annoying
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Fun place to work with great people, excellent discounts, okay pay

Best Buy is a great first job to work it. It is majorly laid back and everyone I’ve worked with is very nice, the do an excellent job at hiring people. The discounts on electronics are amazing and I would recommend this job to anyone.They do sometimes pressure you into selling their Best Buy Protection plans, it isn’t too bad though. And it’s starting minimal wage is a set off especially when some places start a dollar above now.

Points positifs

Great people, relaxed environment, excellent discounts

Points négatifs

Low pay, pressure to sell protection plans
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It is good if you work part-time

Better looking for different job if you are looking for full time position. Salary is bare minimus and managers will come for you every-time. One of our manager will come ask to clean things or ask to go to the other departments to get the work done.
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Fun first job

Lots of opportunity for growth if interested, fun coworkers, lots to learn. Management in the store changes constantly so work environment changes a lot
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Super friendly work place, and it is very easy to get help from management and other co workers

Very friendly environment, there is the factor that you have to deal with some impatient costumers, but that’s just life. Most costumers are friendly and appreciative. Staff is super friendly. My only complaint is, sometimes I would spend upwards of two hours with a costumer looking to fill a tall order. With that much time dedicated to one costumer, I feel like it would be fair to make commission on some sales, especially if you get them to subscribe to best buys home membership. But there are zero opportunities to make commission.

Points positifs

Great hours, friendly staff and work environment

Points négatifs

No commission
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This place is great

People here are very understanding and respectful.The job can be repetitive sometimes(not an issue for some) some days are calmer than others, overall experience was Nothing but positive. Would recommend.

Points positifs

Relaxed, early days sometimes depending on work load for day

Points négatifs

Having a hard time finding one
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Good management

Not a bad place, I would probably still be there if they hadn't had to downsize staff after the pandemic. I just wish I had been allowed to try and do sales.
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Decent part time job

good gig while you are in school but sub par pay and no commission despite having sales quotas. Overall good store company culture with company events and usually good people
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Great Work Environment

Fantastic place to work, management is great. Not an overly stressful environment and co workers are amazing. One of the best jobs i’ve ever had. If you love tech you’ll love Best Buy!
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Productive and stressful

It is a warehouse job so expect to do a lot of physical labour depending on the department. Staff and management are kind however they can sometimes neglect training. Has BBQs every now and then and breaks are long and evenly split.
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was solid for a seasonal job

worked there during 2020 holiday season part time and it was solid, co workers were really nice and was a chill environment. managers were pretty accommodating and helpful
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Fun place to work. Everybody was friendly .

It was fun , everybody was friendly , always stuff to do which was enjoyable. Over time gets boring and repetitive just as with any job . Overall it was one of the better jobs I’ve had
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Good place

Fun work when it’s busy pretty boring when it’s dead. Good management not the best pay but great for young adult starting in sales to build experience
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Constant supply and delivery issues meant customers were constantly upset. Never experienced such high customer dissatisfaction anywhere else. Would not recommend working for this company.
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average to work

ok to work with if you are a student! Good discount for the employees and make extra cash! management can be quite annoying if you are not selling insurances and will label you incompetent!

Points positifs

ok for students, discount for employees

Points négatifs

less hours, management pressurizes to sell the best buy insurance plans.
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