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Sales Representative128 avis
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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Not a bad work environment. There is room to grow and you learn alot about yourself through talkinng to different people door to door. You also learn about people.

Points positifs

Self development

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Really depends on your team

Depending on the store location, it is very different. It is a small team and you have to compete to get sales. High sale target, not only for phone but also home service, insurance, accessories, tablet/watch. Salary varies depending on the location as well because it is all about that commission. If you can’t sell, its not worth it. Favouritism is there from the regional manager as well. If he/she likes someone else, they are going to be the next manager no matter your numbers or how hard you try.

Points positifs

Learn a lot, small team

Points négatifs

Sales target
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Lots of upside. Never a dull moment. Everyone was allowed to say their ideas. People could work bybthemselves or in a group, whichever was better for yourself.

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Points négatifs

Forced overtime
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Sales rep at Bell is a great job!

I love the team I worked with.The job is relaxed but simultaneously stays interesting.The hourly pay is bad but the comission helps a lot.I would recommend this job to anyone

Points positifs

Great benefits. Flexible schedule.

Points négatifs

Inconsistent hours. Pay has direct correlation with foot traffic.
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great, company just needs to learn more appreciation

Company doesn’t appreciate hard work from employees and makes it hard to have a work/life balance. I appreciate my time there but not paid enough for the time you put in.
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Sense of belonging to a team.

The products which Bell introduces are of quality and after all Bell is a brand in itself. That makes selling easy. Its fun to work as we work in a team.
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Good training, great management. Enjoyed my night shift position as well as my agent chat position. Work at home was very convenient. Train on-site then bring equipment home.
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Productive and easy going place

Very easy going job, lots of room to learn the business and move up in management. Learning basics such as customer solutions and working a computer is all you need to thrive
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Great job for part time role

Worked at Bell for 6 yrs and i met some fantastic people. The commission structure changed a couple of times which was my only issue but other than that, great environment.
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sale reps

co-workers are really friendly and fun, I learnt a lot from this job and would definitely recommend people work here as a start. however in the long term, I don't see many promotion possibilities.
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Good place to work

What an incredible place to work. Management was good, customers were good with the exception of a few of course. Could not have enjoyed my experience here more.
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Learning and advanced place

Amazing company to work with. Great benefits provided and in addition to that, staff and management is very understanding. They always keep on helping without any pressure at work.
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Not great work

Lots of problems with OSL in Toronto, not a flexible person, only interested in his own well being.Door to door sales was a horrible experience and you exceed greatly if you lie to the customer about the sale.Sales prices are good at first, but lots of deception in the contract.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours
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People first

This is a company that understands people are at the foundation of their success. They treat employees with respect and have a continuous improvement mentality toward meeting their goals as an equal opportunity employer. Benefits are unlike many other employers in the arena, extending far beyond the baseline "discount" on services. They provide mental health services, employee stock options, a group RSP plan and more. I haven't come across a similar level of compensation at any other employer in the retail space. I would highly recommend this employer for those experienced in sales/customer service who wish to take their career to the next level in a way that is both rewarding and collaborative.
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Productive Work Experience

I'm glad to share with you my personal opinion about my position. I have experienced an incredible teamwork culture that helps me to increase my workability and expand my knowledge.
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never got that sign on bonus bells services are a joke in st Catharines they don't work the way it's advertised and if you miss a payment with them that's it they don't let up, they hit you with so many hidden fees and charge extra without telling you I had costumers chasing me down to tell me how bad they're service iswith bell
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Good to earn money

Good place to start a career and earn more money. Technically advanced company and always helps the customer to get the best solution for their home services like TV, Internet, Home Phone and also Bell Smart Home( security system) through fibre optic cable.
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Management cares nothing about your safety, all they want is sales. If that means you have to break your leg to get them, then that’s how it is. I wouldn’t recommend.
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productive and competitive enviornment

sales job was good helped me to improve my communication and addressing skills. helped me to built good confidence and ability to approach anyone and make them listen to what you want to say.
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Exemplary workplace environment

Its fun place to work for with exceptional management. They help you to achieve your goals and support you throughout your journey. overall its a best place to work.
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Medicine Hat Bell

A job not a career. If you succeed at sales management and staff members will punish you. Often forced to not take 15min breaks and half hour. The on site management will even threaten to fire you in you take 15 minutes. Often left working alone. Over all if your looking for some fast cash for a transitional job this is the place. but he prepared to loathe your life well you work here.
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