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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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A good company to work for!

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I’ve been working for bell for over 2 years. I feel management really really makes or breaks the job and your ability to succeed is very much dependant on the quality of training you receive from your management!

Points positifs

Benefits, steady work, commission + hourly pay

Points négatifs

Irate customers, a lot of mental strain, standing all day
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Great place to work

I really enjoyed my time at Bell as a Sales Consultant! I would love to work at the company again if given the opportunity, However, I do feel that they were not able to help me with my mental health at the time even though they are advocates of mental health support. They asked me to resign, when I needed 3 weeks off. Other than that, I would love to work for Bell again
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Fun work place

Worked in a corporate retail store with a fun team and great manager. Company culture was great. There was competitive offering for the commission pay.
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Great company to work at if you are a student and need a part time job.

I worked as a full time sales associate for more than 4 years. I was lucky to have awesome managers 80% of the time and cuz of them i found the job enjoyable, as long as you have very decent sales numbers you will be fine. Personally I think the company did a lot to give u great benefits. You have to work evenings many times but if you help your manager she(or he) will give u the days off you need.

Points positifs

Very decent job-life balance. Ninety percent of the managers (I worked with) were awesome.

Points négatifs

for most best traffic locations they hire externally first and promote internally second.
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Manager should be changed and people should be hired who are not corrupt

This company used to be very professional couple of years back but no more .totally indian culture ,manager do lot of favouritism only promote and give good leads to ppl from similar background!! this place is no longer good place to work!
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Don’t get sucked in.

This company will say anything to snow you into thinking this is a career. It is not. Very deceptive company, no work/life balance and constant stress. They say no day is the same and they were right. The environment is a constant hot and cold atmosphere. If you sell, they like you.

Points positifs

Decent pay for the job

Points négatifs

No work life balance, constant pressure to upsell, pressure to do what’s right for the company not the customer, no breaks
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Brand has very bad reputation

People will scold you a team at you. Especially door knocking is very difficult in winter. Managers are good and supportive always helpful. But working condition very rough you will have no self esteem you have to bag customer to buy bell service.
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Great place to work if you have good coworkers.

The people are definitely what make the job for me. I've had a team full of awesome coworkers and a team with some who wouldn't pull their slack or put very little effort in which made the job horrid. Most of the time, you're simply waiting around for customers to come in so you can sell them something. If the other person you're with for those 8 hours isn't very likable, you're going to spend a lot of time staring at your phone counting the minutes.The corporate culture can be very draining. There is a lot of kool-aid being passed out in district wide group chats which gets annoying.The job really comes down to both if your manager is a decent person and if you have a good team of people to work with.

Points positifs

Decent wage/comission

Points négatifs

Sometimes the changes that corporate implement make no sense.
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Good entry-level sales job

Good learning experience getting into sales. Decent pay if you can do your job and get sales. Wish they staffed better, they usually keep budgets super low

Points positifs

Hourly plus commission

Points négatifs

Stressful, usually understaffed
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Good starter job

No job security but a good cultural environment. People are nice and helpful. Some managers are just amazing, really good mentors. This company supports diversity big time. HRs are supportive too but overall the company is probably going down that you never know when they might lay you off.

Points positifs

Good culture, good people, good commission and benefits structure

Points négatifs

Low job security, not much growth opportunity, don't keep fake hopes of getting somewhere even after achieving good numbers at sales
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Good place to learn business

Bell will provide you with all training you need and the managements are very supportive with you. you will have every opportunity to grow and learn. i liked bell very much.
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Fun environment, but no Job security, also pay is not great.

Fun environment, but no Job security, also pay is not great. Typical call center work ethic. Good to place work if you are new to Canada. But not long term.

Points positifs

Fun environment

Points négatifs

But no Job security, also pay is not great.
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Not recommended for people who like job security.

I did not enjoy working for this company. Reaching your targets every month is stressful. I was warned about this job but did not listen. You'll feel pressured to be someone you are not. They should be ashamed of the personal improvement program. Putting an employee on this program before they have been working a half a year is extremely unfair it put unnecessary stress on me
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Great Organaization

Bell is a great place to work and make money if someone workes at Sales Dept. But now lot's of option for the customers to lookup with Bell. Company should do something for Field Sales people because it's very hard to get 1 sale from door to door. And it's very hard job and people don't trust them, disrespecte the Bell rep. Thanks
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Friendly co-workers with a stressful position

While this was my entry into the customer service field and I am grateful to the manager who hired me, I never felt like I was looking out for the customer's best interests. I was informed to not disclose certain things in contracts and other slightly shady things to try and get as much out of the customer as possible and I never felt comfortable doing that.
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Poor management, bad company culture

The manager is way too target focused. He forced us to lie to the customers in order to get more sales. There is no job security. Store Manager is always the one who started the internal conflict. Store manager tried his best to please the regional manager.
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Greedy people, toxic work environment

The management treats you like a commodity and not a person.. there is no work life balance.. and the co workers are extremely competitive.. the management people act like scavengers.. just hungry for money.. and expect you to be dishonest to meet targets. Would never like to work here again!
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It's ok.

If you're willing to devote your time while at work and not at work, the benefits can be good along with the payout. There is constant overturn of employees and the company expects a lot out of their employees. There are always incentives and prizes to be won, in return for your soul. The company culture is good and there is almost a family mentality among reps which is good.
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First sales iob

As this was my first sales job, I learned a lot on the job and eventually I became good at what I do and I can that with confidence now. I am really good at what I do.
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fun workplace

In my point of view, working as a sales consultant at Bell is perfect as it has a good and safe environment. Also I love talking to people. I believe it is really fun.
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awesome group to work with, very stressful culture, too many meetings

The Monday meetings are killing everyone. from 12:00 to 2:30, endless target settings and pep talks. I do like the people I am working with, everyone is willing to help one another, the management is quit awesome if you don't consider just how much pressure both management and sales reps are under.
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