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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Pretty fun place but gets boring

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it's fun when its busy, but as soon as you hit the slow season and there's no customers, its brutal, you get in trouble for not hitting targets and you're not making any commission so you can barely live. there's very little room for raises and advancements. but when you're in the Christmas season you can make a couple thousand in commission. for the most part management is great at all the stores i worked at, no complaints there.

Points positifs

good management, commission and flexibility

Points négatifs

salary, it's boring and no room for advancement
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Poor management and pay

High expectations and stress for low pay. Extremely high prices result in less customers and staff are blamed. Weird rules such as they can change your shift within 24 hour.
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Great sales job

Worked here for a while and love the culture, compensation and the company is extremely supportive. Only thing I can think of that would be a con is that they relocate you constantly.
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Very good place to work at definitely recommend. Management was fun and motivated me to do better. Anyone working into getting into the sales industry should work with bell

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Long hours
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Good company

I wish I would of stayed longer, but it was a hard design at the end. Great perks and chimps for sale. Got to learn the basics of chimps and banana salad.
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Job was alright too bad covid screwed me for 2 weeks then just never heard back

If you wanna be let go due to covid this is the place to go And not hear anything back Quiet job overall too bad the malls 100 years old so it’s dead 24/8 so you just sit around all day

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Dead a lot
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Fun place to learn about sales

Overall a good experience. I like their training. It is a good part time job as there was no option in my store to work full time. You make $25 to $30 with commission.
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it was fun while i was there. great group of people i worked with. co workers make all the difference when working somewhere like bell where it gets competitive
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Great company

Great benefits & staff! If you are a student it’s a great way to make money with commission if you are a highly driven individual! Have made life long friends from Bell
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the most stressful retail experience

A lot of my colleagues ended up on mental leave or with counselling. A lot of them (myself included) quit due to pressure and stress. They passive agressively intimidate you by putting you on "improvement" programs, which are basically punitive programs with threat of termination left and right and they congratulate you for being on this program as if they are doing you a favour. And you can't complain to anyone because you won't have any proof. What are you going to say in your complaint? "the company has put me on improvement program?" You will be laughed out. But only you and BELL knows what's really going on in that "improvement" program. All in all, mental torture for a slightly , SLIGHTLY, more than a minimum wage job. Don't recommend this company to anyone, BY THE WAY, the reason they have this "LET'S TALK" mental awareness program each year, is because ONE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES KILLED THEMSELVES.
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Good Company, just need some better management (Retail store level)

Worked for Bell for almost 2 years, first manager was great, 12 years experience, respectful, fair & encouraging. Still friends today. Second manager, was horrible, 4 years management experience that may as well be 0 years... Lots to learn on how to work with people!
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excellent place to learn and earn

my skill set was polished through regular workshops. mentors provide good guidance colleagues are helpful work culture is competitive as well as flexible
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It is a very good experience to work as a sales associate at bell. One gets a lot of knowledge about customer service. Person does more smart work as compared to the hard work.
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not the best job, not the worst

commission is decent. The customers can be very rude. As an employee that is in person in the store you tend to get the brunt of customers frustrations
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the staff were very friendly but it was a hard work and very competitive as it was commission salary , also was a good experience to interact with different people.
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Great Interpersonal Environment

Every day is vastly different because of the various types of customers and situations that you are exposed to. I learned important problem solving and tactics in order to think quickly on my feet. The management is amazing and super welcoming. Workplace culture is so much fun. Everyone working there gets along with each other and always has a good time being around and helping each other out when needed. The hardest part of the job is customers who get angry and situations involving them which tend to escalate quickly. There are sometimes situations in which nothing can be done to relieve the issue and it is those moments that are very difficult to de-escalate, remain calm, and be able to think clearly. The most enjoyable part of this job is those people that come in who you are able to save them money or help them navigate something with such ease that they are extremely grateful.
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Don't work here

After working here 6 years I can safely say the following. - Commission dropped significantly - Targets are always higher - 0 recognition for accomplishments - Work/Life balance is a JOKE - Nothing is ever good enough - Constantly threatening your job
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It was an alright place to work winter months its get cold and not many folks open door to let you even talk to you a lot rude people slam door in your face pays not the greats unless you hit way over your incentives
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Sales Associate

Great job to learn how to sell there is some pressure to reach your sale stat but if you are knowledgeable and motivated it will be easy to reach them
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Stressful place to work

They are big on sales. Manger is not that nice to work for she don’t know how to do anything. The pay is really good if you work there make sure you can stand for a long time due to you are not to sit while on the job site
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Competitive Workplace stepping stone

Typical work day - depending on location the job tends to be pretty lax with you responding to customers for sales or assistance. What you learned - Everything about the structure of cellular communications from how to market them and the constant fluctuation of the pricing. Workplace Culture - Competitive but also supportive in a weird way if managed properly. If not managed properly the work environment can become hostile so a strong mind is required due to stress that comes from customers, coworkers, and managers since greed and jealousy are two aspects that may arise to challenge the workers. Hardest part of the job? - When you first start there is a lot of systems that have to be learned that are not very intuitive to navigate to setup new or upgrade existing Bell customers. Also lots of people will be coming in to ask various questions about phones so you will need to learn a lot from your coworkers and own independent study. Most enjoyable part - Commission even though it sucks to work for feels good to receive since it validates your work ethic and developing sales techniques to convince people on additional services. But in the back of your mind you realize you are really just manipulating people and taking advantage of their lack of proper knowledge on what they really need so if you can cope with that should be good.
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