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Customer Service Representative156 avis
Canada156 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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I was hired as a customer service rep when I started at Bell. The customer service training was fantastic and I have taken those skills on to other positions. It was later merged with the sales dept. That's when things went downhill. Sales took presidence over service. Quotas had to be reached or you were fired. It didn't matter what the customer wanted.
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Horrible place to work. Terrible pay and terrible hours. Not to mention being yelled at all day by customers. I would not recommend working here to anyone!
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Great benefits Great payGreat managers and listen to improveGrowth Flexible hoursCan be stressful at timesPositive environmentGreat cafe foods
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Good years in the details of the work is good and fast paced free lunches and long hours best wishes to you and your family if you chose to work here ans

Points positifs

Free local nches

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Highly stressful

Stressful environment. All about stats, no care for employees. Not very loyal to employees that had been there for many years. In the beginning was ok place to work changed alot over the years.
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Gained a lot of experience working for Bell Canada

Gained a lot of experience working for Bell Canada. Lots of opportunity for movement within the company. Wonderful managers, colleagues, friendships. Excellent wages and benefits. Enjoyed my time working there.
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Awesome Manager and Colleagues

I have learned many skills especially selling techniques and tactics from my seniors. I loved the culture and people. Amazing relocation every week. Lot of spiffs, surprises, dinners over wins.
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It's okay if you can handle people yelling at you all day long.

Answer calls all day, pretty fast paced depending on your department. Management was pretty good, co-workers were the highlight of the job. Your stats are heavily monitored. You will be yelled at constantly by customers, patience and thick skin is necessary. Not enough tools to deal with angry customers right away. Good benefits.
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Many changes in 30 1/2 years

Staying with a company for over 30 years provided many opportunities for learning several different jobs but the main focus was customer service. The rapport gained with regular customers was probably the most enjoyable part of job and I can't really say that there were too many difficulties as training was exceptional.
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Intense workpae. Always meet the criteria of percentage. 6 minute call is the perfect call for bell;

ie take care of the bill , take care of telephone, take care or TV program and tech issues etc etc. the reason why nobody is happy with bell. Just connecting calls to another agent does not make the perfect call. For Bell it is fulfilling the quota and the percentage.
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fun and relatable work environment

They have a good work culture, you work a lot but have fun too. You do have customers who can be tough, but there is good support from the managers to help you.

Points positifs

Team lunches

Points négatifs

Hard work and long hours
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Very friendly environment with lots of support

My overall experience was very positive, they ensured that we were up to date with training, lots of support, excellent benefits. Management was approachable most of the time. I found it a pleasant environment to work in.
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Great Place to work

Fast paced and fun filled environment. Always busy, great environment for those willing to learn and show willingness to go above and beyond, advancement is always possible as all promotions come from within.

Points positifs

great management

Points négatifs

unflexible hours
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Don't waste your time. Management go out of their way to try and belittle and bully you. Over 50% of staff are on stress leave and are forced to return due to corporate bullying tactics.
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Long time before promotion opportunities

I had a good time working there with the people and management but in the end Bell was not for me... I was doing my work and being efficient in doing so
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Very large corporation where people are treated just like a number.

Company hires mostly vendors who they fail to provide adequate training to. The chances of errors and misinformation is extremely high. The company is very demanding of their employees.

Points positifs

Benefits and good wage.

Points négatifs

Stacked ranking. High pressure to sell. Work life balance is not respected.
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Good company that believes in continuous education

Great learning environment that provides goof staff training. Good opportunities for advancement from within. Balanced workloads and great benefits and job security.
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Latest technology

The training program was good, on hands training. Team work and lots of incentives and commission . Work place well organized and leisure on lunch break.
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working for bell was a wonderful experience. my manager was amazing and so was my team that i worked with. everyday was a new challenge and thats what i enjoyed most
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Customer setvice rep

Bell is a Great place to work with great staff and has very good environment. Management is great they understand your needs and will help you to succeed
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great work

worked in unsupervised environment was rreally fun working here. The Manger was motivating and helpful .Enjoyed every bit of my work here .My first job ever .
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