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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Management qui pousse à agir de façon non éthique pour atteindre les objectifs de vente. Ressources humaines qui appuient le management et n'écoutent pas les employés.

Points négatifs

Management, horaires de travail, RH, etc.
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Great when bus. unit was smaller

Constant shuffling of senior leadership. Typical of this unit. Fun when working in a smaller business unit. A lot of acquiring and divesting of 3rd parties.
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Management is just sales driven money hungry horrible training unclear instructions so much pressure for no reason so much miscommunication and vague training schedule is horrible and tools often crash

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Everything else
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No work/life balance, constant pressure to produce more

Terrible toxic environment to work in.Management has put monitoring applications on every laptop (Variant)They monitor every keystroke and every application you go into.They give you feedback on your bathroom breaks!They do not appreciate their employees and expect you will be at their beck and call
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Good training, great management. Enjoyed my night shift position as well as my agent chat position. Work at home was very convenient. Train on-site then bring equipment home.
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Not a great place to work at

Not a workplace I could see my growth. Probably my experience was not that much but in my limited work experience over there I felt lack of openness and opportunities for growing further.

Points positifs

Brand name

Points négatifs

Culture, Work environment
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it's good

work there for a year. the culture is friendly. fast past environment. friendly co-workerit's good for anyone who want to applydbgs sjbhjfgs hsdnhgjs sdf
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Great place

Overall, it is good people and great and interesting work.You learn lots and people are supportive.Sometimes meetings on weekends but that got better.

Points positifs

Great wfh options

Points négatifs

Some mgrs much better than others
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Productive and fun

The day to day hour requirement is fine however sometimes late nights are required and you do not get paid for the overtime worked during those days. Overall I would say it is okay.
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Great job for part time role

Worked at Bell for 6 yrs and i met some fantastic people. The commission structure changed a couple of times which was my only issue but other than that, great environment.
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Not a good place to be

No matter what you do it is never enough. You are always asked to do more and more but again it will never be enough for them. They will work you to the ground until you are burnt out
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Not work life balance at all, people is just a number.

Not work life balance at all, people is just a number. Good insurance, not a lot of vacation, good bonus according to your performance and company performance.

Points positifs

Good benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, stressfully, management is not what I was expected
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Learning and advanced place

Amazing company to work with. Great benefits provided and in addition to that, staff and management is very understanding. They always keep on helping without any pressure at work.
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No limits to earning commissions

If you are an outgoing person and can convince people to believe that you are giving them the best products, this is a place you wanna be in. As it's a commission based job with a base salary to back you up, You will feel more flexible to focusing on your sales acumen and of course the brand name will also give your resume a good value.

Points positifs

Good money, fun working in the field.

Points négatifs

Third party employer maintaining the workforce.
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Great working environment

Great company to work for. Treats their employees great. HIghly recommend working there. Also a very diverse workplace. Ability and opportunities for advancement at every level. Also management very clearly gives you the tools to get your job done with lots of support.

Points positifs

free lunches, overtime if you want, good benefit package, 6 weeks holiday

Points négatifs

very busy at times
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Great if you don’t plan on having kids or plan on advancement

Diamond shaped organization, lots of middle management, some good bosses lots of re-orgs. Promise fast pace and new ways of doing things for a little while and in pockets there and in some groups for a year or two but heavy on the old way of doing things and political in the end most top mgmt or stuck doing things the same way for last 30yrs because it’s really a duopoly and no outside pressure to change get ready for the almighty RGU (revenue generating unit) the fancy term they give to treating customers like a faceless bag of money they raise prices to every qtr or so because no new products and have to increase revenue and profits

Points positifs

Nice coworkers if you have a nice group.

Points négatifs

Long hours to get a head, don’t be surprised if they ask you to do unethical stuff.
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Neighborhood Marketing Consultant is an opportunity to earn money and develop career as you want. Every thing is in your hands just need to work.

Bell is an excellent work place to grow career and who respects every employee not matter where he born and where he comes from. Fare salary and compensation that covers employees family and professional requirements. Work culture and collaboration among colleagues very respectfully that ever I have seen. I feel proud to be a part of Bell workers. And highly recommend Bell jobs to friends.
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Not a good place to work

It is not a good place to work at. They do not care about their employees and management is cliquey, if you aren't a favorite you will be bullied out.
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Productive Work Experience

I'm glad to share with you my personal opinion about my position. I have experienced an incredible teamwork culture that helps me to increase my workability and expand my knowledge.
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Productive and fun place to work

Colleagues are friendly and mangers are supportive. Flexible schedule. It is easy to keep work-life balance. The company is innovative. Really good place to work at.
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Not the company it once was.

Focus no longer on employee’s well being but rather what they can squeeze out of them in terms of productivity and profit. The management is ruthless in achieving it’s number’s. It’s all they care about.
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