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Ottawa, ON141 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Forte pression de l'employeur
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Not sure what this means.

If you are working as a tech, expect lots of hours at busy times, the money is good, the training is good, and the tools are good. I worked for 36 years and retired 12 years in Ottawa I mostly worked large jobs and the customer is your boss, they expect that you work when needed at night, on weekends, etc even if you doing res it is the same expectation just more one for one, what I liked is you plan your jobs and it's up to the tech to get them done.
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Slavery, work for free

If you have a chance find another job. It is a shame for Bell to pay so miserable money for such a hard and exhaustive work, unless you are 18 y.o and just starting your lifeway. Management is good and working here feels like you are really in the family but this is for the reason to squeeze you upto the maximum
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Stability and consistency. Flexible hours.

A big learning experience in a bilingual environment . Opportunities for advancement. Good benefits. Providing communication services and problem solving.

Points positifs

Good work team
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learned many different skills

t this job is very harsh with attendance even if theres personal problems involved but this place pays well. one thing to know is watch your back and watch what you say to people. MSI
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Great place to work

This is my first job in the sales, I become a supervisor in 4 months only. Great place to grow and make a huge commission, very friendly management ..
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Its a good place to work

The salaries are not revised in accordance with the market.. but other than that I enjoy working for Bell.. It has a fast paced work environment considering the large workforce.
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Busy with no connection between departments

Being relatively new to the company (less than 2 years) It became quickly to me that there were many moving parts within this organization, but that none of them understood the function of any others.

Points positifs

Decent pay and benefits

Points négatifs

High expectations from management that do not apply to them at all
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Professional, productive, and well organized

Key customers and partners value Bell, and their employees, as a trusted advisors and often seek Bell's guidance in creating their business solutions.
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Bell cablodistribution

Salaire très bas pour des conditions sociales très précaires.
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physical and intense job

The only negative point about the job is technician needs to work outside regardless of how bad weather condition is, Starting salary is not bad but have to say they give excellent benefits
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Terrible place to work at. Fellow technicians are amazing but management does not support people with families avoid if you can. Bell Let's Talk is a joke for internal employees who get treated poorly every single day. changing shifts last minutes taking days off away.
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New age slavery working for them

Differences between employees in positions and ranks and job difficulty Management high wages and bonuses but no benefits or help to employees and clients Front end workers are over enslaved with less rewards and bonuses Clients are money abducted by the company Very sad climat to work in if you have a human conscience.
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Good work environment/work life balance. Good at supporting cultural events and generally promotes multicultural environment. This good be a better company if compensation was better. Lots of poor Middle Management within the BCE group of companies.. the middle management is the let down. In general there exists redundant processes that are usually common in big corporations.
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It's ok.

If you're willing to devote your time while at work and not at work, the benefits can be good along with the payout. There is constant overturn of employees and the company expects a lot out of their employees. There are always incentives and prizes to be won, in return for your soul. The company culture is good and there is almost a family mentality among reps which is good.
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Environnement de travail stimulant et agréable

Je recommande ce poste de travail a d'autres personnes
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Bell Canada

Bell Canada is the top, full benefit full respect,

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Bell is great place to work

Excellent work place with awesome people. Opportunity to grow, and work on critical projects with great people. Training is provided, other benefits such as company contributions towards RRSP, company shares etc.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

shift work, salary
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Great type of work, bad for recognition or growth

Great type of work, bad for recognition or growth, the longer to stay the more stuck you feel. received no recognition for hours worked or jobs well done

Points positifs

great type of work

Points négatifs

zero growth prospects or recognitions
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The company is decent but the field service technician division sucks

If you like working all day everyday and working in stranger's homes then this is the job for you. It is a very physically demanding job and pays well but in my personal opinion it is not the job for me. The hours are horrible and it's just not for me.
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Excellent, customer services, technical support, internet technology , iptv, computer troubleshooting, billing department, dispatch, job training , tv programming
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