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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Satisfaction de donner assistance au clientForte pression de l'employeur pour accomplir notre travail

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Bon avantage sociaux, atmosphère de travail

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Forte pression de l'employeur
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Leading edge technology with an all inclusive culture

My time (35 yrs) at Bell was always progressive and moving towards a solid future. The knowledge taught, as an employee, is desired by many external companies! Many memories and friendships made along the way!

Points positifs

Future modelling and paid education

Points négatifs

High standards makes for a sometimes stressful workday
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Excellent, fast paced, a little stressful at times.

Management is supportive, and strictly detests micromanagement (huge plus). Workplace culture is friendly and team-oriented. The work is occasionally fast-paced during the busy advertising months throughout the year, but the entire team bands together to get things done. I have had all the support I've needed for family/bereavement leave, mental health, and career development, and I've developed some lasting friendships during my time here.
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Boring and Stressful

Fun to work at bell, you could make good money, but its a cut throat environment, the management is poorly managed. They don't really about their employees the way they make it seem like they do.
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Money vs. Mental Health

Call centre technical support with a high turnaround rate. The pay was really the only reason I stayed as long as I did. The pay quickly becomes not worth it when you spend all day being yelled at by customers and excessively micromanaged by leadership, made to work horrible and constantly changing hours with no ability for a work-life balance, and get punished for using the sick/personal days you are entitled to when you inevitably get rundown and sick from working in that environment. Mental health seems to be the lowest thing on their priorities list. Everything is "Bell Let's Talk" until you try to take a mental health/personal day and are confronted with the option of either needing a doctors note to legitimize your need to prioritize your mental health for a day (don't know many doctors that write notes for this... thought that's why we have sick days AND personal days) or facing suspension without pay.

Points positifs

pay is decent, medical/dental benefits, employee savings program

Points négatifs

horrible culture, no work-life balance, micromanaging, minimal opportunity for movement/promotions from technical support
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Bell c'est l'enfer

On apprend beaucoup travaillant chez Bell, les avantages sociaux sont bon et la paye est acceptable, mais la gestion interne est un cauchemars.

Points positifs

Bons prix à gagner

Points négatifs

Trop de bureaucratie
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Well paid , great benefits

I worked for Bell years ago (10+years ago) . At the time it was an awesome company to work for. It was a very prestigious job to have at the time because of Bell's notoriety. It was a 24/7 office and unionized so seniority was king. In the last several years there was a huge reorganization and downsizing which led to early retirement so I don't know how they are to work for today.

Points positifs

Lots of overtime and double pay for weekends etc. Paid taxi after 11 15 p.m.

Points négatifs

Job insecurity. Sick days more than 3 per year was frowned upon.
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Productive and Collaborative

A good place to work. Productive and Collaborative. There are good benefits and employees enjoy a good work-life balance. It is not a political environment
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Not sure what this means.

If you are working as a tech, expect lots of hours at busy times, the money is good, the training is good, and the tools are good. I worked for 36 years and retired 12 years in Ottawa I mostly worked large jobs and the customer is your boss, they expect that you work when needed at night, on weekends, etc even if you doing res it is the same expectation just more one for one, what I liked is you plan your jobs and it's up to the tech to get them done.
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Slavery, work for free

If you have a chance find another job. It is a shame for Bell to pay so miserable money for such a hard and exhaustive work, unless you are 18 y.o and just starting your lifeway. Management is good and working here feels like you are really in the family but this is for the reason to squeeze you upto the maximum
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Stability and consistency. Flexible hours.

A big learning experience in a bilingual environment . Opportunities for advancement. Good benefits. Providing communication services and problem solving.

Points positifs

Good work team
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People are great but the atmosphere is awful

The atmosphere is terrible, the people who you work with make the job bearable. Too much emphasis is placed on the script you need to follow, making calls longer than necessary.

Points positifs

People who you work with

Points négatifs

MGMT. creates horrible work conditions
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learned many different skills

t this job is very harsh with attendance even if theres personal problems involved but this place pays well. one thing to know is watch your back and watch what you say to people. MSI
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Great place to work

This is my first job in the sales, I become a supervisor in 4 months only. Great place to grow and make a huge commission, very friendly management ..
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Its a good place to work

The salaries are not revised in accordance with the market.. but other than that I enjoy working for Bell.. It has a fast paced work environment considering the large workforce.
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Busy with no connection between departments

Being relatively new to the company (less than 2 years) It became quickly to me that there were many moving parts within this organization, but that none of them understood the function of any others.

Points positifs

Decent pay and benefits

Points négatifs

High expectations from management that do not apply to them at all
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Professional, productive, and well organized

Key customers and partners value Bell, and their employees, as a trusted advisors and often seek Bell's guidance in creating their business solutions.
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Bell cablodistribution

Salaire très bas pour des conditions sociales très précaires.
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physical and intense job

The only negative point about the job is technician needs to work outside regardless of how bad weather condition is, Starting salary is not bad but have to say they give excellent benefits
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Introduced bell products to prospective customers. • Worked with management to achieve targets and meet goals • Resolved customer’s complaints with written and oral communication skills • Explained new innovative bell services in an exciting way. • Employed different initiatives to take customers through the sales process.
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Terrible place to work at. Fellow technicians are amazing but management does not support people with families avoid if you can. Bell Let's Talk is a joke for internal employees who get treated poorly every single day. changing shifts last minutes taking days off away.
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