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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Not a bad work environment. There is room to grow and you learn alot about yourself through talkinng to different people door to door. You also learn about people.

Points positifs

Self development

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good workplace and room to grow

Typical dispatching responsibilities. The day to day ranges from low to high stress and could be frustrating at times as some things that occur are out of your control. Great coworkers and managers. Plenty of opportunities arise that lead to other roles within the company.
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Where careers go to die.

I've seen it time and time again, those who work at Bell Mobility who are good at what they don't last long. This is because Bell has very poor advancement opportunities.Usually those who stay are lifers and bottom of the barrel employees.Pay is well below market standard.
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Great colleagues

Grest place to work. Some management need to be trained accordingly. Great benefits and perks. Need to decrease the favouritism and nepotism. Should focus on mental health of employees.
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Stay away especially if it is contract work.

3-month contract with them felt like a life sentence. Management keeps yelling at employees and tries to separate people who seem to be getting close. The task completed seems redundant, they claim it's for company culture, but really you are sticking text that spells out Bell.

Points négatifs

Long hours Poor Management
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Fun to work with Bell Mobility

I am working as a project manager with Bell Mobility for Zone 18 , Region 1 - OntarioPeople are good , bosses are good , lot to learn , very collaborative. I am working as a contractor , so naturally there would not be so many perks as that of the on-role employees . But no complaints , as i happy with i am having at Bell .

Points positifs

work at your own time - no stress / fun to work enviornment

Points négatifs

comparatively less pay
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Fun work place

Worked in a corporate retail store with a fun team and great manager. Company culture was great. There was competitive offering for the commission pay.
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Multiple opportunities if you want to move internally

Good organization to start with, growth can be challenging. Can be on the edge of the technology with good hands on experience Between the Mobility, Internet and fixed networks, there will be tons of opportunities which can make a difference specially if you're looking to move internally

Points négatifs

Management change direction very frequently
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Relaxed workplace with not much happening

Very relaxed. Low chance of getting fired. Advanced tech being used so you’re learning something new every day. Salary could be better though. Bell used to have great benefits in the early 2000s but now it’s just ok.
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Worst corporate space to work in.

Worst company to work for. They score low on all fronts. Leadership is utterly deficient. Mental leaves are common as managers do not care about pressures on employees. Bell let’s talk campaign is a total marketing f gimmick. I was on the marketing team, so I would absolutely know. Avoid working for this company unless you’re super young just want experience and don’t care.

Points négatifs

Awful corporate culture, deficient leadership that creates internal employee mental health issues.
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Work culture is great

Work culture is great. Team members and manager were supportive. Overall culture was good. Incentives were great.Bell's office building is beautiful and overall a very nice company.
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Great place to upgrade your skills

Horrible place to work. They give you time off every year but then penalized you for taking it. They claim their all about mental health but cause mental health issues with their employees. Never will I ever work there again.
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Growth and experience

I loved learning and adapting. Implementing new concepts in store design. My team was happy and our manager supported us in our roles. Training team members and supporting stores.
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Highly stressful

Stressful environment. All about stats, no care for employees. Not very loyal to employees that had been there for many years. In the beginning was ok place to work changed alot over the years.
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Best tech, and perhaps the best environment.

Amazing facilities, with a visionary approach. Working in an environment that pushes for innovation keeps the work fresh and interesting. Additionally attracts people from all facets of life, so doesn't take long to feel at home.
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Worked on Contract with Bell Mobility

The job paid poorly and they should have hired someone with less experience because I was bored out of mind. I could feel my IQ dropping every day. Would not work for Bell ever again, Absolutely hated it. The people were nice to work with, but it was funny Management thought I was interested to becoming permanent. They use old technology, they are still using conference bridges, they need to move into this century.

Points positifs

Remote work

Points négatifs

I was bored...
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Don't work here, unless you're desperate for work

I don't recommend working here....Bell may run the "Lets Talk program...but they would mentally stress their staff with their stats. They have fired my colleagues over the years for their stats. The Managers/directors are liars.

Points positifs

Guaranteed paycheck/if you met stats for the month the payout could be great

Points négatifs

Hours NOT flexible/working for a bunch of liars
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Good Working environment

Bell Canada is a great place to work at. Lots of great people. The job is is demanding, Executives are great to work with and Management is attentive to your needs.
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Fast paced job

Bell was a great place to work until couple of years before my layoff, it became vey stressful to work there. Employees at retail channel support were expected ( actually there was no choice) to assist customer service when level of calls were high at client care, meeting all stats such as average handle time, hold time. Not ready time, etc. It was a everyday thing that you were assisting client care even though you work in different department.

Points positifs

Working for reputable company

Points négatifs

Very stressful
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Hostile place

Crooked or agressive team leaders are kept. Honest managers are not valued and let go. Full disclosure to clients is not adhered to. Culture of sales before clients exist. Some people thrive in rhat cutthroat environment.

Points positifs

Minimal benefits, some rah rah activities.

Points négatifs

Agressive culture
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Highly process oriented work environment

Highly process driven work environment. Expected to compromise on work life balance quite often. Too much structured decision making process which sometimes makes quick change or new ideas difficult or slow to implement.
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