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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great place to work but economy is bad at the moment

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Lots of layoffs happening at the moment. Been an employee for 12+ years. Amazing place to work if you have the right manager. Company takes care of you and lots of perks and benefits
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Excellent workplace with good work life balance

Great work life balance, the management is supportive. You can get a chance to switch to another team, the compensation is low as compared to market. There are training programs that you can choose from to switch to another career
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A good place to learn about technology and how it is implemented.

When I started working at Bell in the 80's, it was a tremendous place to work. All the way into the 90's and early 2000's it was run by Senior Leaders who rose through the ranks and deeply understood the inner workings of the various departments. They were lifers who wanted to leave a better, stronger company behind when they left. I did see the culture slowly but surely change after 2002.

Points positifs

Depending on your department it can be a good place to learn about technology.

Points négatifs

The business has been shrinking for a number of reasons, so there may not be as much room for promotion currently.
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No work life balance and treated as slaves

Have to work 10 to 12 hours everyday plus weekends.Not healthy environment to work life balance.we are treated as slaves.upper management has no clue of automation and just care about numbers.No humanity
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Productive work

Loved work culture and work life balance.Enough space and opportunities to grow .Management is supportive teams are friendly .They pay really good to fulfill our needs .So loved working here .

Points positifs

Great management

Points négatifs

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Toxic Work Enviorment

Overall toxic work environment. Unrealistic workloads, poor leadership, lack of development and training. Very difficult to get promoted, lots of favoritism.
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Pleasant & helpful people

Team members are open and helpful. The assistant is very welcoming. They offer a convivial environment where everyone can talk. Management is supportive.

Points positifs

Flexibility, work-life-balance

Points négatifs

Team is spread over different provinces
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Work is number one - no balance

No work life balance. Long hours. Management doesn’t care and expects it. Difficult to do your regular job because I’d daily fires. No help if you complain or ask for help.
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Good hob

The job was good but the schedule is terrible and you get 1 weekend off in a quarter. Yiu have tow work outside in winter nights till 9 pm on weekdays.

Points positifs

Company car

Points négatifs

Long days
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Great place to learn

I worked with the Data & Analytics team as a project manager and while I was at Bell, I learning increased due to new technology and tools I was exposed to, even as a contractor. To a large extent, my development was in my hands so I leveraged connections and relationships to learn those new technologies and tools.Culture is great within the CoE I worked, there was mutual respect, people joked and had fun and your differences and boundaries were respected. The team was quite diverse which I think created a learning experience for everyone.Pay isn’t great and isn’t competitive to industry of what similar telecoms or tech businesses at Bell Canada, however, if you want to learn, I’d say it’s a great place to get exposed to new tech and tools.
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Not bad

Not a bad work environment. There is room to grow and you learn alot about yourself through talkinng to different people door to door. You also learn about people.

Points positifs

Self development

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good workplace and room to grow

Typical dispatching responsibilities. The day to day ranges from low to high stress and could be frustrating at times as some things that occur are out of your control. Great coworkers and managers. Plenty of opportunities arise that lead to other roles within the company.
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Where careers go to die.

I've seen it time and time again, those who work at Bell Mobility who are good at what they don't last long. This is because Bell has very poor advancement opportunities.Usually those who stay are lifers and bottom of the barrel employees.Pay is well below market standard.
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Great colleagues

Grest place to work. Some management need to be trained accordingly. Great benefits and perks. Need to decrease the favouritism and nepotism. Should focus on mental health of employees.
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Stay away especially if it is contract work.

3-month contract with them felt like a life sentence. Management keeps yelling at employees and tries to separate people who seem to be getting close. The task completed seems redundant, they claim it's for company culture, but really you are sticking text that spells out Bell.

Points négatifs

Long hours Poor Management
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A good company to work for if you want to learn and grow. It is fast-paced so can be hectic but the teams are really nice. Lots of opportunities to move around.

Points positifs

Competitive Wages, Can build a career, Opportunities to grow

Points négatifs

Can be stressful at times like any job
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Fun to work with Bell Mobility

I am working as a project manager with Bell Mobility for Zone 18 , Region 1 - OntarioPeople are good , bosses are good , lot to learn , very collaborative. I am working as a contractor , so naturally there would not be so many perks as that of the on-role employees . But no complaints , as i happy with i am having at Bell .

Points positifs

work at your own time - no stress / fun to work enviornment

Points négatifs

comparatively less pay
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Fun work place

Worked in a corporate retail store with a fun team and great manager. Company culture was great. There was competitive offering for the commission pay.
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Multiple opportunities if you want to move internally

Good organization to start with, growth can be challenging. Can be on the edge of the technology with good hands on experience Between the Mobility, Internet and fixed networks, there will be tons of opportunities which can make a difference specially if you're looking to move internally

Points négatifs

Management change direction very frequently
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Marketing gets treated well as long as you're under a certain age.

They have collaborative teams and encourage their employees to use technology, which I found to be great. But most of the 'specialists' lack expertise. Perhaps it's because they concentrate too much on getting young adults and assume that people who are past a certain age are less likely to be tech savvy, which I found in reality was the opposite.

Points positifs

Great place if you're starting your career fresh out of school, marketing gets treated like gold, use of technology is strongly encouraged, they promote within as long as you're part of the'in' crowd and you're young, they reward people based on popularity not necessarily on talent or knowledge

Points négatifs

They focus too heavily on ageism, do not promote / reward employees based on experience, they tend to get rid of employees who are over a certain age, not as 'inclusive' as they think
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Relaxed workplace with not much happening

Very relaxed. Low chance of getting fired. Advanced tech being used so you’re learning something new every day. Salary could be better though. Bell used to have great benefits in the early 2000s but now it’s just ok.
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