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belle compagnie avec de belle valeur le domaine est compétitif mais tout dépend de l’équipe avec la qu’elle vous travailler la mienne étais parfaite bien balancer contrairement à saint bruno où il son San cœur et compétitif méchant et bête les formation son interessante les party de bureau vraiment fun les clients son différent d’une ville à l’autre il y en as des difficiles comme partout mais 50% son facile et gentil donc sa rend le tout à égalité et ces très fun si vous êtes un pationner de l’électronique :)

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salaire de base
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Management is just sales driven money hungry horrible training unclear instructions so much pressure for no reason so much miscommunication and vague training schedule is horrible and tools often crash

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Everything else
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Where dreams go to fade

Avoid this company: They do not care if you are new, they do not care if you have mental difficulty from life problems (like they advertise ironically). This might sound like a disgruntled employee but I was the most educated in a room, first in and last out but was not given the support I needed when a family member was sick. Cubicle work with no connection: Do anything else.

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Benefits are great

Points négatifs

Old school, uncaring management, no interest in helping, no support.
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Door to door salesperson

Great group of people but a lot of travelling. The pay is amazing, however the hours and time away from home gets to you. Great for a single person. Got promotion to assistant field manager.
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Bell is a good company to work for

Salaries are generally mediocre but benefits are definitely higher than average. Bell is a good stepping stone, especially in Canada; honestly, the reputation crosses borders. The environment is very calm and stress-free.
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No work/life balance, constant pressure to produce more

Terrible toxic environment to work in.Management has put monitoring applications on every laptop (Variant)They monitor every keystroke and every application you go into.They give you feedback on your bathroom breaks!They do not appreciate their employees and expect you will be at their beck and call
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Great place to work!

If you like change and welcome continuous learning it is a place to work. Lots of opportunities for advancement and room to grow your skills! Great team energy!
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Good place to work

Hard to get promoted past store manager sure to limited roles. Otherwise great, managers make 55k-75k and have a lot of job security. Non stressful job.
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No accountability from the people at the top

Most stressful and disorganized, toxic work environment ever. You are dammed if you do, and dammed if you do. Nobody in any department knows what's going on, they don't know what they are doing, and only pass the buck. In the end maybe 50% of what should be done for the customers is completed.
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Sense of belonging to a team.

The products which Bell introduces are of quality and after all Bell is a brand in itself. That makes selling easy. Its fun to work as we work in a team.
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Good but very stressful

A good place to work and get new experiences, but quite stressful especially if you're a beginner, The training can be quite fast paced and hard but you will have a very good time learning new stuff.
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Not sure what this means.

If you are working as a tech, expect lots of hours at busy times, the money is good, the training is good, and the tools are good. I worked for 36 years and retired 12 years in Ottawa I mostly worked large jobs and the customer is your boss, they expect that you work when needed at night, on weekends, etc even if you doing res it is the same expectation just more one for one, what I liked is you plan your jobs and it's up to the tech to get them done.
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Great sales job

Worked here for a while and love the culture, compensation and the company is extremely supportive. Only thing I can think of that would be a con is that they relocate you constantly.
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Good training, great management. Enjoyed my night shift position as well as my agent chat position. Work at home was very convenient. Train on-site then bring equipment home.
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Environnement de travail très soutenu, bonne esprit d'équipe, salaire et avantages sociaux très bien.

Une journée normale chez Bell dépend des nouvelles demandes parfois urgentes, il faut gérer nos priorités, faire le suivi, analyser les coûts.

Points positifs

Bonne gestion et suivi des interrogations.

Points négatifs

Un peu de stress face à des demandes urgentes.
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Good workplace and room to grow

Typical dispatching responsibilities. The day to day ranges from low to high stress and could be frustrating at times as some things that occur are out of your control. Great coworkers and managers. Plenty of opportunities arise that lead to other roles within the company.
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Not a great place to work at

Not a workplace I could see my growth. Probably my experience was not that much but in my limited work experience over there I felt lack of openness and opportunities for growing further.

Points positifs

Brand name

Points négatifs

Culture, Work environment
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Fun workplace

Hourly salary suppose to be more than what they are paying right now. It means if don't sell you're not getting enough money to face your billing situation. They should pay people at list $20/hour to keep people working there, that will be more exciting workplace.
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Fun but needed better management

My manager wasn't great but overall a good learning opportunity and a fun group of people. Did a bunch of group activities which was paid for by Bell.Work life balance was good.
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Good job, limited growth in my department

Can be stressful at times, customer service is sometimes not your ally but and enemy. Limited growth. Good paycheques when its busy but not consistent. Had some good times here however, the negative can sometimes outshine the positives
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Working at BST for 10 years now.

Just enough time for my soul to have been destroyed. The work is great, alone in your truck driving around, going to customers. But everything around it...
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