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Avis des employés pour Bell (Ottawa, ON)

Technicien (Support aux usagers ) (Ottawa, ON)
le 25 février 2018
Travail satisfaisant mais sous forte pression de l'employeur
Satisfaction de donner assistance au clientForte pression de l'employeur pour accomplir notre travail
Senior Technician (Ottawa, ON)
le 10 juillet 2022
Not sure what this means.
If you are working as a tech, expect lots of hours at busy times, the money is good, the training is good, and the tools are good. I worked for 36 years and retired 12 years in Ottawa I mostly worked large jobs and the customer is your boss, they expect that you work when needed at night, on weekends, etc even if you doing res it is the same expectation just more one for one, what I liked is you plan your jobs and it's up to the tech to get them done.
Field Service Technician (Ottawa, ON)
le 26 mars 2022
Slavery, work for free
If you have a chance find another job. It is a shame for Bell to pay so miserable money for such a hard and exhaustive work, unless you are 18 y.o and just starting your lifeway. Management is good and working here feels like you are really in the family but this is for the reason to squeeze you upto the maximum
Service Assistant (Ottawa, ON)
le 6 décembre 2021
Stability and consistency. Flexible hours.
A big learning experience in a bilingual environment . Opportunities for advancement. Good benefits. Providing communication services and problem solving.
Bell Canada Agent (Ottawa, ON)
le 17 juin 2020
learned many different skills
t this job is very harsh with attendance even if theres personal problems involved but this place pays well. one thing to know is watch your back and watch what you say to people. MSI

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