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Why would you want to work at BELL?

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  • Desperate for work that pays better than the rest of the jobs in the mall.

  • I had just completed my computer system technician and networking diploma and i need a platform like this where i can improve my skills .

  • If you enjoy working for large companies in a competitive field such as the Mobile industry then Bell Mobility is the place for you. Steady pay and great benefits.

  • Pay and benefits

  • I wouldn't want to work there again. It's more for a younger person.

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  • I was trained and have work experience on the products and services to promote business, sales and build customer relationships in the Bell retail store.

  • Great benefits. Fun work. Decent pay. You also can go to other positions within the company once you get your foot in. Bell will give you all the tools and gear you need so you can perform your work properly and safely which is great.

  • It was recommended by one of my best friends.

  • Bell is a great company to work with, They provide great benefits and salaries . They have amazing leadership given you a chance to upgrade your education , positive environment ,work balance , appreciate employees service .

  • Decent pay and big name company

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