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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à une personne ayant un entretien chez Bell?

4 réponses

  • If you're looking to work in telecommunications, work for Bell, don't even consider working for Data Wiring Solutions, the on going slogan for Bell Techs is "You'd never been able to pay me enough to work for those clowns"

  • Be yourself

  • Go for it if you can deal with the heat and cold of the climate. Rewarding if you like to leave customers happy and the technology is interesting in a kind of nerdy way.

  • Brush up on old school interview etiquette. A little Bell research before the interview would be good. Arrive 15 min. early, leave your cell in the car, sit straight, eye contact, always smile, firm handshake, greet with Ms.or Mr., never take the lead, listen carefully and answer only what is asked.

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