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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Bell?

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The interview process is a typical panel interview coupled with an aptitude test of general excel, database queries, and case study questions within an hour. Then a review of those answers along with freestyle questions after. If successful, a second interview with upper management is usually had.

The process is fair

3 Level - Phone > In person computer skills test > in person one on one interview.

The group i am working they look for hardworking and people who never complaints

Rigged, they hire people who are there family or friends only and fire people who are not among that inner circle. (600 jean-talon est Montreal 11th floor)

Telephonic followed by in person

Very professionnal

Typical. They are looking for experienced candidates who work well with others.

They will make you run through hoops, unnecessarily long interview process just to make a few more dollars over minimum wage.

Very acknowledgeble, Talk about team work and explained efforts to reach goals

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