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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Bell?

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I will develop a system which is more user friendly for the customers and more accessible too. Also, I will try to remove social gap between customer and bell Inc.

Change completly Bell billing system, make sure that Bell customers understand that Agressive, condescending behaviour will never be tolated over the phone, change sales practices/impliment new sales strategy/No Pression/No commission/Increase employees salary according to inflation rate/implement ongoing credit/Fixed rate/2times price increase/year.

I would be proactive in my approach and look for solutions/ options the moment a situation arises.

Require senior leaders and executives to possess people leadership skills, not just expertise in their field.

Become competitive with salaries.

Have the management talk more with their employees. Have everyone on the same page instead of mass confusion.

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Start by changing everything and mostly the president and managers.

Nothing. In sales, making sales is the only goal.

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