Bed Bath & Beyond
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Si vous deviez quitter Bed Bath & Beyond, quelle en serait la raison?

12 réponses

The awful staff are babied and the good staff get reprimanded over the tiniest things. The awful staff can run an entire department into the ground but the second the good staff do not put in 100% they get barked at. Not fair to the good ones who care.

Toxic, rude management and ageism. Gossiping within employees, be prepared to work your a.. off or you will be written up, then hours get cut. I would never recommend working here period!

Low wages, inflexible to schedule/availability changes, rude management, have to clean disgusting bathrooms

This place is 💯 slavery all about bottom line

Inconsistent hours, toxic management, favouritism, gossiping coworkers who were hired because they are the children of managers friends

Poor district staff, low wages, overworked, no room for advancement.

Low wages- lots of work

Terrible pay, not being able to take time off over Christmas.

Physically too challenging
Washing bathrooms is disgusting

Poor wages

Poor management

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