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its alright for now

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flex schedule options, courses to take to advance career. sometimes really long days when they like to pile on the work. lots of talking about solutions but nothing ever changes.

Points positifs

flex schedule, thats about it

Points négatifs

boring, toxic office environment in other offices
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Not worth it.

Cons: Zero training. Toxic workplace. High turnover. Awful management. Pretty much everyone starts at auxiliary, but then leaves as soon as they are offered full time once they realize without warning how much of their wages are deducted each paycheque. Wage is below minimum wage after deductions. I worked here for 1 year, and never got benefits or vacation days because every time you move up you start from the beginning again, and they push you hard to move up. It takes FOREVER for them to hire people, so if you lose a co-worker be prepared to take on all the duties of their job on top of your own work. High burnout because of this.Pros: Because of the high turnover, it is very easy to move up and earn slightly more (still not a liveable wage). The union is good. Co-workers can be nice, can be super mean too, just like at any other job, but bullying is tolerated so if you are a bully you will thrive here. Management is absent, so if you don't like management breathing down your neck and telling you what to do you will like this job. But also no management means that you have to figure everything out on your own so only independent workers and self starters should apply. Biggest pro is that you don't have to think about work once you go home. You WILL think about work because the job is awful, but you won't ever get a call in your off time.
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Stressful, toxic and non supportive environment.

You truly are just another number! Management doesn’t believe in retaining good employees. A stressful, toxic and backstabbing environment, where your workload far outweighs your pay. Zero support from Supervisors or Managers. Reminds me of high school but worse and the favouritism is indescribable. You can’t truly understand unless you have worked here but I wouldn’t recommend it! If you are not part of the “in” crowd your life will be miserable.
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Could be good, but understaffed and underpaid.

Understaffed teams with too many random software stacks and apps. Hard to maintain any quality. Siloed in remote work. Lots of wheels are reinvented. Business areas are new to the word "agile". Flex days are nice.
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Enjoyable times

Some of my most enjoyable work experiences of my career. Paid training program, travelled all across the province worked in multiple disciplines & ministries as a union member and then joining the ranks of an excluded position.
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Salaries need to improve to match across the country.

While the job is secure, working as a public servant for the provincial government is one of the worst paying across the country. Those who live in Victoria, Vancouver have it extremely rough.

Points positifs

Above average benefits, pension plan, room for growth in other ministries.

Points négatifs

Salary, lack of funding for correct equipment, poor communication from executive level to workers.
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Good pay, not so much everything else

Pay and flexibility are great but management/supervisors don't help too much. The training was brief and non-interactive, making the first few days very complicated. Difficult calls are hard to handle because information is limited and generally disorganized, leading to a lot of angry clients and therefore stress. Sups generally don't respond well when asked for assistance and will often leave you on the hook with no answer to certain situations.

Points positifs

Pay and Flexibility

Points négatifs

Lack of support and organization
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Pretty decent place to work in all honesty

There are good jobs and not so great jobs, all depending on your ministry, team, department, etc. It needs to up their salary rates - especially for folks living in Victoria/ Vancouver and any other high rent places.
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Variable work loads, overall decent place to work

Worked with the BC Wildfire Service, rewarding/challenging/stressful work. Management was fairly understanding when having to miss days. Unfortunately, we were understaffed which led to some burn out among colleagues due to increased work loads/hours.

Points positifs

Free meal during busy season

Points négatifs

Long unpredictable hours
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Good learning opportunity

I like my job - good work environment, colleagues are helpful, and my supervisors encourage growth/learning. There are opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in other ministries.

Points positifs

Flex days
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You are Disposable

You are a number in a box on an Org. Chart. You can be a dependable hardworking employee and in the end it doesn't matter. If you like to do what you are told and not have any opinion or choice... work for government.

Points négatifs

Union will not back you up.
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Don’t fall out of step

I’ll start by saying I loved my job with the BCPSA and had no intention of leaving but the current circumstances changed that and I was forced out. The way in which I was forced out has left me in utter disbelief. Never before in my working life have I been treated in a more dehumanized way by management and the union, with blatant disregard for basic procedural steps regarding HR and the union. Even if circumstances change and I could have my job back, I wouldn’t go back. If you work for the BC Government always remember this: at any time you’ll be quickly forgotten and easily replaced.
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Only a good place to work if you have no other choice

Before cutbacks during the 2001-2017 Liberal era, BC Public Service used to be a great place to work, with sufficient staffing to get the job done without swamping people. But after the cutbacks, managers ended up clueless about the work being done by those under them, thus resulting in the latter being under-resourced. I was constantly being interrupted with special requests and urgent demands. 16-hour days were the norm for me. The pay and benefits were tight to live off of, given the high costs of living in BC (thanks to real-estate speculators, money laundering, and population growth due to excessive immigration at the federal level).

Points positifs

Adequate benefits package but private sector often better now anyway.

Points négatifs

Low pay when you consider the workload, Clueless, overworked supervisors, Repeated funding cutbacks means I was expected to do the work of multiple people, Constantly changing job demands due to political-winds changing, Outdated equipment to work with, Onerous procedures and bureaucracy.
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Entry level positions do not pay enough to cover the cost of basic needs. The amount of work expected at entry level is beyond your wage. Leadership is very process focused and neglects to notice impact to staff. Good benefits, lots of opportunities to work in different areas, lots of perks available. Did not support all staff well during the pandemic.

Points positifs

Decent benefits, student loans assistance, secure, consistent schedule

Points négatifs

Stressful, lack of support, demanding work, poor pay
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Was intresting and learnd a few things

Learnd to do what was needed to do my job . Go less scared of doing something wrong and just got better was a good job to help me get back out in the job market
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Great place to work.

I am new to BC Government, however I am super impressed with the management and the ability to grow and develop. I work with an amazing team and I am so glad that I decided to leave my stable job in healthcare to take a chance and try something new.

Points positifs

Great work life balance, flex days.

Points négatifs

None yet.
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Amazing employer

I worked in an accounting team for a year and it was a phenomenal experience. I gained a lot of experience, worked with an amazing team and overall loved working there.
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Do a lot with less

A lot of opportunity to work on some really amazing things. Be open to the government structures, they are super confusing to navigate. The people that work here are super intelligent and amazing. We accomplish so much with very little resources. I'm proud of the changes and projects I have been able to be part of while being here.
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Secure job with work-life balance but little growth opportunities

It is a secure job and it provides moderate health benefits. Must have very strong self-motivation to work here. Your energetic and good work may be discouraged because of the union environment. Most of the progressive positions are in Victoria, with very little opportunities in other cities in BC.
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Excellent, but slow

Great pay and benefits. Very inclusive and supportive environment. Only con is how very slow everything moves there. 9 months from application to hiring. 6 month probation and you cant move around until thats done. Long waitlist for geographical transfer. Left only due to an hour highway commute and the 2 year wait to transfer closer to home.
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Youth custody

I recently started working in youth custody and I couldn’t have made a better mid life decision. Don’t let the academic requirements scare you away. If you have common sense and want flex your communication skills then don’t hesitate to apply. Yes being an auxiliary is tough but they have been very accommodating as far as having to work another job as you work through the call board. Staff have been super supportive and working with the youth has been very rewarding.
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