Bayshore HealthCare
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Si vous deviez quitter Bayshore HealthCare, quelle en serait la raison?

30 réponses

Pay is not a living wage in vancouver

To keep it simple, please have management that are involved in nursing; don't. We know this is a capitilistic environment and front line workers will alwats be overworked and underpaid. I will never recommend this career to my son, its to cold. I feel it is a hostil work environment. Police officers watch eachother, firefighters have eachothers backs and EMTs always trust their partners. I remember xrivung to Calgary for a jog interview and because it was a beautiful spring day, I wore open toed sandals. But I killedit with my looksand my confidence. I drove home, sent her a tect to say what a pleasant interview it was and she rezponded by how wonderful I looked, but the open toed sandals were not satisfactory. WOW...I shoud mention she isn't a nurse. Any nurse would laugh like I did. I had nasty nursing shoes in the trunk and some snow boots. Think about this, we need real nurses who saves lifes.Not what shed your wearing. Mind you if my feet stunk...interview

Cant mix business with humanitarian efforts. The owner sleeps well at night.

Only cares about money, not their clients or employees. Management is awful and biased. No room for growth. Burn out occurs in almost every employee due to lack of resources, employees being expected to do things against labour law, and not having anyone to advocate or support them. No appreciation, just punishment for wrongdoings. Nothing is managed properly so errors are constantly made and never resolved. Clients are receiving poor or no service at this point and it's disheartening.

Bad reputation, they are not a well qualified organization! I wouldn't trust them with my cat!

Bayshore has people who are not nurses who are in management! Do you really think they actually care about their clients? It is a joke. My family members will never use their services!

I enjoyed working for this employer and unfortunately moved out of the area and had to leave my job. If I did not need to move I would still be working for Bayshore.

It would have to be a job a I couldn't say no too. I'm happy here

Not enough hours management not very helpful

Lack of administrative neutral mind (no favourties) , support, and advocacy when needed.

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