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Si vous deviez quitter Bayshore HealthCare, quelle en serait la raison?

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I was moving out of the Region, but I chose not to re-apply in the area I moved to. To be honest, I was told Bayshore is one of the better companies to work for, which is really, really sad.

Not enough hours, I need FT barely getting PT. Yet they have ads on Indeed looking for more PSWs. Others in same boat.

Management needs training regarding the treatment towards PSW job stress. If it weren’t for the great Psw ‘s in the field , management wouldn’t have the opportunity to be employed.
Also , Corporation needs to pay their staff a living wage with full benefits.

Bring back full time hours properly.

Because of the salary

Unhappy, not enough to live on, more education

Well i guess to leave the place where you are working is it depends on if you have a case, but if not I would prefer to stay and work to help the company.

They were paying new employees 20% more with the same training.

To much travel no mileage paid.. No hours really..salary is not great..

If the company were to make any accusations/insistence’s that completely went against work safety rules or my character/work ethic, then I would leave.

If you don't mind NOT WORKING. Apply at Bayshore. They will hire you for a full time position and then give you one to two hours per day. That's how they roll. Do not waste your time or education at this company.

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