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Si vous deviez quitter Bayshore HealthCare, quelle en serait la raison?

28 réponses

Do not work here.. They don't care. They keep hiring. And your hours get cut.. Back to point of quiting.

They don't want disabled people working for them. they cut their hours.. less work.. if you don't as kiss . you get nothing.. you have to accept the bullying from other workers. they cut your hours if you complain too much or complain at all.

Management lack of comunication

Company is cheap and short-sighted.

Management kept giving my patients to new nurses; the 4 plus hour patient visits were given away and I was left with the 1 hr visits with a lot of driving and very little $$. Had enough. My patients complained to senior management and were told there was nothing that could be done.
Rather quit, save the gas and find a job with a company that values their staff

Bayshore is cheap with staff and charges the paying customer top dollar. I am sorry for both staff and customers. All they see the profit and bonuses.

Lousy company to work for.

Low rates, poor management

Not sure why some people have no hours…but my reason to leave would be too much hours and too much fill in. on the most busy days i work 0800 to 2100 and the title they gave me is part time. And I am only have one day off per week and never ever have a weekend off. so stressful. i went home at 2130 and wake up 0730 to go to work. NO LIFE.

The coordinators and management don’t care about the people on the field. They stress you out with last minute fill-ins. They even call you late at night or in early hours of the morning to see if you can fill-in, can’t even enjoy your day-off as they’re constantly trying to call you about fill-ins. Now they have straight booking into your schedule as if you’re supposed to be checking your schedule every hour to see if they’ve added a new client, high-stress environment. No work-life balance there, especially if you’re raising a family. Concern and compassion for clients is alarmingly non-existent as many requests go unnoticed, and even less for their field workers.

Not enough hours, I need FT barely getting PT. Yet they have ads on Indeed looking for more PSWs. Others in same boat.

Management needs training regarding the treatment towards PSW job stress. If it weren’t for the great Psw ‘s in the field , management wouldn’t have the opportunity to be employed.
Also , Corporation needs to pay their staff a living wage with full benefits.

Bring back full time hours properly.

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