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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Bayshore HealthCare?

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Some managers need to be trained in management. Not because some one is a nurse means they can manage. Frontline staff needs to know, they can rely on their manager through good times and bad. Frontline staff should not have to compete with favourites. Also, when someone quits, managers should not shun them. Managers do not want to give referrals nor rehire because they got their nose out of joint. Staff should be cared for first so that they in turn can care for others. This industry is the same everywhere-overworked and no life. Nurses are humans too.

Practice empathy for all. Not just the favourites.

Value your employees. Appreciate them more.

Lisyen to your employees

The only thing management looks at is covering each others butts
Everything is viewed from $$, how cheaply can we do something and how much profit can we get

Stop hiring best friends for management.

Sad when two BFFs give each other references and both have supervisory positions .

Then they cover up each others messes.

HR staff from head office should come here from his Corporate castle , and review his mission statement .
This is why Bayshore is always hiring , no PSW is treated properly because , Head office doesn’t care either!

Avoir plus d'heure serait l'idéal mais cest impossible un client sen va .. ca peut prendre 1 mois avant que tu ais plus d'heures

Well I guess the company should reform a good standard procedures of job for the
benefits of the workers and the company, should also reform a team building for the workers to be able to have a bond together so that they can perform their jobs well happy and productive.

Know what they are doing

Take a look at the benifits, salary, work hours, and the unionization back in St. John's, Newfoundland with eastern health...these things are all well provided and taken care of for the employee. If Ontario followed the same way ...many people would be happy to take these types of jobs.

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