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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Bayshore HealthCare?

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Stop gossiping.

I fulfill mu job as a caregiver to feed and clean the surrounding and the well being of each other.and need to be together and cooperate in every step.

Truly listen ,I have done this work,it’s not easy ,be a attentive manager ,if your understanding you will never have to worry about changeover in staff ,it’s your business ,we learn from you, you get back what you give ,word of mouth determines if a employee wants to work ,it’s just common sense .

Be a good manager and stop injustices from happening.

Well being aproficient nurse equipped with good nursing skills with arespective language , hardworking , time conscious , capable of working for long assigned hours and embarked on fulfilling the goals and objectives I believe that change provide a great change to the facility.

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Enforce a positive environment and get everyone to follow great team work guidelines. I would make sure that employees know they have the support and help they need

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