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Do Bayshore pay overtime past 40 hrs?

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They will do anything to keep the $$ in their pockets and not the worker.
They love it when the worker works for nothing.

Workers are expected to check their schedules and emails very frequently, not time paid by company, and if a response is not fast enough then the texts start. More like harrassment - unpaid!

To work more than 40hrs?...depends on the needs of the company but as long as the flow is smooth it's fine.

They rarely let you work overtime and if they do, it is a result of biased favouritism x 100

No. They don't pay overtime on us.

After 44 hours

Over 44 hours.

Overtime is paid but only if both weeks for corresponding pay period are over 44 hours. If you worked 60 hours week 1, then only 30 hours during week 2, you are only paid 2 hours at overtime rate.

Yes, they are flexible.

Yes they do

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