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Je suis chez Battlefield depuis deux ans. J'aime beaucoup mon emploi et a chaque jour j'apprend de nouvelles choses .Les journées passe très vite et l'équipe est super. La direction est a l'écoute et proactive.

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Bon ambiance de travail

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travail sous pression
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Rewarding and flexible

Stable company with proven record. Finally a place were the work you put forth gets noticed and advancement is true. Days can be hectic but makes it fun.
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Not bad overall

Not too bad but forced into a large pay cut just to be able to transfer to another division after relocating out of the GTA Did like co-workers and most day to day responsibilities.
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unique place to work. Your day flies by quickly

The rental business is unique. its fast paced but very interesting and you get to meet lots of people. dealing with renting equipment is also fulfilling as you get to help your customers get their job done.
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Great place to work!

Learning about equipment for many different applications is quite interesting and training is often provided throughout the year for new introductions to the fleet. Support is always available when looking for help and most importantly there is great flexibility in empowering an individual to make well thought out decisions. Compensation is decent , benefits could use a little tweaking but overall are not bad. Quite possibly the best job I ever had as I have worked in a handful of significantly different fields.
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Postive learning enviroment, filled with suppourtive staff.

Working at Battlefield is the best job I have ever had! I came here with minimum knowledge on much really and weeks later I would say I never knew I could learn this much this quick. all you need to succeed here is a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. The staff is very friendly and make work fun and positive, management is on top of things and very helpful, the front desk staff are welcoming and if you were to ask anyone for help or advice on how to fix something they are happy to help! This is the best job I have ever had!

Points positifs

Helpful staff, postive eniviroment, highly educational

Points négatifs

very little to none really, exepect for sometimes working in the yard it can get cold in the winter.
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great place for a long term career building

worked for Battlefield for over 8 years, and still enjoying my job, great place to work and with lots of great people. it is a fast paced, overtime available, with a strong team culture.
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great work enviroment

fairly new employee already been given chances to expand and grow in the workplace learning something new everyday hands down one of my favorite places of employment I've ever had would highly recommend to any one looking for a more long term job hours are flexible and management is super understanding with needing time off if necessary and everyone in the shop is extremely helpful willing to lend a hand if needed and very easy to get along with
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What is mental health?

If you have worked as a carnie at the local fair then this is the place for you! It is a circus run by clowns. Big shoes to fill (no pun intended) with little pay. Management is basically a puppet show as they have 0 management skills. If you have thick enough skin to stick it out a couple years there is a chance to move up as the place is a revolving door .
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They took the best years from me

worked here for 5 years..things were good at the beginning..then slowly middle and upper mgmt strted to change around..things went sum up
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great place to make a long term carreer

Have works at battlefield for over 16 years now and still loving my job. great place to work and with lots of great people. always something interesting going to make your day go by fast.
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Fast Paced, with continued learning and Advancement Oppertunities

I have been with Battlefield for 13 years now, starting from the wash bay, I've now been a full time field service technician for 9 years. if you possess a strong work ethic, and a desire to learn this place presents endless opportunities to advance and achieve your long term goals. If you're looking to gain in depth knowledge across a vast scale of construction equipment this is the place to learn, unlike other companies where you may only be fixing dozers and excavators, you will gain vast experience and knowledge across all forms of equipment in the industry. Over my time with the company there has always been a strong emphasis on team work and safety, although the hours are long it is a very rewarding career, you get to meet new people, travel to different and interesting places, and every day is a new challenge, so the job is never dull and boring. In all, Battlefield is a great place to work, a family atmosphere. Long hours and hard work are a given based on the demands of the industry, but overall is a very rewarding place to work.
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Great Team to work and learn with

Battlefield provides a very wide range of construction supplies and equipment. Its great cause you can learn so much and be able to use your abilities at work and it can be a huge benefit at home as well; saving you time and money. The managers are very realistic and don't expect you to know everything. that's why its such a great team. If you don't know something.... just ask... and they'll take the appropriate steps to ensure you understand and are confident with the task at hand. They provide great employee safety and support... Excellent company to work for..... 5 stars all the way....
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5 Star career - if you want it to be.

Great place to work. Safety is their priority under any circumstance. Very good team that supports each other, from the worker all the way up to management. Everyone's goal is accuracy and success while working with and helping each other to make the impossible possible.This company believes in family morals and the importance of family.
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Fast paced, and great opportunities for advancement

Working as a field technician, there is never a dull moment in the day. You get the opportunity to meet so many people, learn all the aspects of the construction industry, and get the satisfaction knowing you just made another customer happy. Plus, depending on the location, you get to travel all over parts of Ontario. The wide variety of equipment we work on gives you a great amount of knowledge. In the many years I have been here, never have I heard of layoffs. Hours some years get reduced to no overtime in the winter, but that's about it. Every job has its ups and its downs, but when the ups outweigh the downs, i think you're doing pretty good. So if you don't mind working some OT, can handle such a demanding industry, and always put safety first, then look no further.
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Great company to work for

I started with the company 11+ years ago as a small engine mechanic and took the opportunity to move into heavy equipment repair. With a very wide range of equipment this job is always challenging and every day is a learning experience. Like every large company, you get out of it what you put in. If you’re willing to work hard and be a productive, competent member of the team, working at Battlefield will be a rewarding experience.
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very fast paced , very good opportunities to grow

i have been with battlefield 3 years , like most that come through our doors i started in the wash bay and worked my way up to becoming a signed apprentice at our Cambridge store , in the short time iv been here i have learned a lot and have built my confidence as a heavy equipment technician , a typical day is long 10+ hours but goes by very quick with the fast paced and friendly work environment. management is good to there employees and very understanding , the guys in the shop are wonderful , very smart technicians , and always willing to help , the pay is also wonderful , i make just enough to support my family and life a secure and comfortable life
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Fast paced and demanding work setting

If you are responsible, work hard and possess strong integrity and a never ending work ethic this is the career path for you. We work long hours and have high expectations to meet. But this is generally a very good group of people with a strong team culture.
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great people work here

great people to work with - fast paced day makes the time go by quickly - and there is always overtime available for that extra bit of cash flow. I enjoyed my time.
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Great Place to work

I have worked at Battlefield for 10+ years. I enjoy coming in every day. I started as a mechanic for booms and scissors and now I am the shop foreman. It has been an exciting time with some ups and downs. all and all pretty decent place to work.
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Great place, Great People, Great work.

Working at battlefield is always a blast where everyday brings a new challenge that you must overcome. The job engages you not only as an employee but also as a person. Everyone wants you to succeed and wants to help you grow and move forward not only as a professional but also as a person. The hardest part of the job is your attention to detail, if you like finding and solving problems this is a perfect place for you. A typical day at Battlefield is around 10-12 hours where you will be kept busy to the point where 4 hours could feel like an hour. The day fly by and with a competitive wage and plenty of opportunity at overtime this is a great job for anyone who enjoys a good hard working day that you can leave feeling accomplished.
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