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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Je suis chez Battlefield depuis deux ans. J'aime beaucoup mon emploi et a chaque jour j'apprend de nouvelles choses .Les journées passe très vite et l'équipe est super. La direction est a l'écoute et proactive.

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Bon ambiance de travail

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travail sous pression
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Ok place to work

Worked in Central region (Cambridge, Waterloo, guelph) , mangers were great with what they were provided from corporate. Central region was good I just feel that upper management was out of touch with reality. Hated being threatened that if you got a ticket you were fired. Severe lack of training for new drivers they throw you with another driver for a few weeks then your on your own they hire g glass drivers and expect them to know all the rules of the road and load securment and let them hop into a truck that’s rated just less then D class then wonder why their cvor is so bad. Again branch managers were awesome corporate needs to get in touch with their employees and reality. pay wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either they try to keep pay rates secretive as to not upset the guys that are being underpaid they will pay you as minimal as you let them. Work life balance was my biggest issue. If your single this would be a great job but not for family oriented people, in saying that they are good at working with you for appointments and days off.

Points positifs

Great branch managers.

Points négatifs

Pay, work life balance, upper management living in an ivory castle who lost touch with reality.
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In all my years of work, I have never seen an environment that is so full of finger pointers and back stabbers. There is no formal training, no manual to refer to. When a mistake is made, it is at that point that the "policy" is brought forward. The company says that they have your back, but when the S**t hits the fan, you are to blame and the customer gets their *ss kissed. After just a few weeks, I felt I was always having to look over my shoulder. Since I left, I have seen multiple Indeed ads for drivers in all locations. Total revolving door.
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Now might be the time to join

I've heard from numerous employees that central region is going union. The lack of pay pay increases this year and and shortage of overtime all around has finally motivated them to make the move! Now is the time to join if you are interested in this field.

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Points négatifs

Poor top level management
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Only care about the share holders

As an employee you are just another number to them.No matter how well you do your job the only way to continue to work there is to lick some behind. Any loss in profits for the company and it's time to shed some employees (which is bad enough) the only ones who get to stay are the people who suck that corporate weiner

Points positifs

The people who you work with

Points négatifs

Pay is on the verge of poverty
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Great Coworkers, Predatory Management, Poor Communication

Keep in mind this review is written during COVID, so there are some differences in the workplace now, and they will remain in place for the forseeable future. At the beginning of COVID they only catered to salary employees, they cut all of the hourly employees wages and laid people off left and right. Even after restrictions were lifted and the company was once again profitable instead of bring wages back to what they were pre-COVID they simply remained the same. Now there are multiple people working here struggling to get by and the company simply does not care about employees. So keep in mind you are just a number to them and nothing more. This sentiment is reflected throughout the management structure entirely. They will never remember your name, ask how you are doing or ensure you are feeling ok and are safe. They institute safety policies not for the safety of their workers, simply to legally protect themselves. Their policy is that it is always your fault, no matter what. Accidents are impossible and can never actually happen. They also did not protect employees from the public, did not initially offer any sort of sanitation solutions to hourly employees and were overall not safe when it came to COVID, it took them almost two months to actually begin to protect hourly employees, they only protected salary workers (management and salespeople). The only saving grace about this workplace is the people you work with in the shop. They always are a good time to joke around with, and they will always share their knowledge and help you. Now that overtime is gone - 

Points positifs

Good Coworkers

Points négatifs

Treated As a Number, Low Wages, No work life balance
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Mixed feelings

I started on a seasonal contract in the Barrie and Bradford branch and the atmosphere was great, the managers were understanding and essentially ran the branch with the staff in mind at all times! After my contract had expired not a single person had moved on or left (approx 8 months) so there was no room for me there. I opted to transfer to the brampton branch where I found the worst manager I had ever dealt with in my life. He spent his days screaming at people for minor issues and chasing down staff who were on their breaks and tearing them a new one. Unfortunately his twin brother controls one of the largest clients the company has so he has his position simply duee to politics and bottom lines. I would recommend that people work anywhere but the brampton branch!
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Different Place to work

Challenging place to work if you do not have 15 years plus at the company. I found there is a lot of favoritism. If you are a tech or construction is your field, definitely the place for you
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Run and dont look back

Save yourself a lot of headaches heartaches and money lost. This company will promise you the world and give you nothing. I had to use my own truck for a service truck I had to use my own phone for a company phone and I had to use my own laptop for a company laptop. All with zero reimbursement. The branch manager doesn't know the difference between a socket and a wrench and the front office lady doesn't know her head from a hole in the ground

Points positifs

Cant think of any

Points négatifs

Too many to list
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Worst place ever to work

This company is unorganized unprofessional and management only takes care of themselves as long as they get there bonuses there happy if they have to spend any time or money fixing things they complain and there always trying to take shortcuts and are constantly giving workers more work then they can handle as well as jobs or work they shouldn't even be required to do but anything to save a dollar there If you want a real job that you can advance at battleisnt the place
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A typical day at work was very hot, and lasted 10 hours. 7-5 I learned how to assist customers in need of product Management is good. As long as you do your job, you will be treated good. The workplace itself is good, some of the guys can be a bit much though. The hardest part of the job is the continuous heavy lifting, and the deathly heat. The most enjoyable part of the job was the new work experience I acquired.
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stay away , run real fast

0 training , you learn what YOU want , the place is filled with snakes in the grass unless you get into the "boys club " If you look the wrong way they will right you up & if you stand up for yourself......your days are numbered. They will find a away to get rid of you

Points positifs

free rentals on small equipment

Points négatifs

long hrs with no respect, 20 cents a year raise
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nobody gets excited or mad unless you do something really stupid

Good place to work if you are younger,very demanding due to the nature of the business,finding places incorrect addresses,difficult job sites to access with a large vehicle,dangerous at times if you were not careful,fair pay good benefits and profit sharing,etc

Points positifs

free rentals on small equipment half rate on big stuff

Points négatifs

they keep their trucks way to long ie 13 14 years
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It was ok

If you like fast paced work and like working with heavy machines this job might be for you. The co-workers were ok. But management was a nightmare. Overall it was ok
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Job but not a long term career

The Job: It is not an easy place to learn, since the fast paced environment and lack of training make it difficult. As a rental industry, the main priority is getting equipment on trucks to customers. High quality work is not valued. Fixing equipment can also be difficult unless you are a quick self learner, since there is a very large variety of types of equipment. Most people who start, spend a lot of time unloading customers, or counting propane tanks or looking for buckets. You will not spend a lot of time fixing equipment. If you are promised an apprenticeship, you will not get signed up unless you push for it. Even if you get signed up, management usually does not help with paper work or setting up your school portions. You WILL be expected to work 11-12 hours a day. Pay is at the lowest. Coming from another job, I took a $1 pay loss but i was promised a raise when I got signed up as an apprentice but I never got it. The company SOMETIMES gives yearly raises but they only give about 40 cents/hour a year. During your annual review they will tell you that you are lucky to have a job and that you are already over paid if you complain about money. The Company: You literally are a number in this company. If you like to be unsafe or enjoy the lack of proper ventilation, then this is the job for you. Every year you are promised a hi-vis jacket but they do not show up until after winter has ended. It is very important to note that SAFETY is NOT important in this company, especially if it will cost any money at all. they are concerned about silly safety practices that only - 
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Management is garbage

Battlefield Sudbury is hands down the worst company to work for! Management is absolutely terrible! They treat you unfairly and you are just a number, they show no care for any of their employees! If you want something you might have to ask 10 times and wait 3 months and you still won’t get it. Get asked to work overtime and you can’t, the service manager will tell you that you have no choice and when you don’t show up cause you said you can’t you will still get in trouble! This place is highly unrecommended they pay very low for the amount of work they expect you to do!! They never appreciate anything you do but as soon as there is a small mess up they are quick to get mad and blame you. Save yourself the hassle and don’t bother with them. There is a reason everyone in the shop had less the 2 year signority. Extremely high turn over rate!
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Ok place to work for a short time

Typical day at work was to bus your butt off well management sat around , if you were there for a long time you got away with whatever you wanted to do.
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Good place to work

I have been with the company for 33 years.. there is room for advancement if you want it...I started in the wash bay and advanced to small engine repair, heater repair, equipment painter , heavy equipment mechanic , fleet truck mechanic and now shop foreman. the company sent me for the licences and training I needed along the way . It has been a great place to work with a good group of coworkers. the wages have been good and have never been laid off for lack of work. like any place there are good days and bad but the good days out way the bad
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Not a great place to work

Not a great place to work. Very disorganized company. Does not pay very well. There is a lot of favoritism with in the company. Someone who has been with the company for years and is not following safety regulations does not get reprimanded but someone who has only been there a short time gets reprimanded. Happened more then it should have.
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typical work day is for out going people, days fly by, learn many thing everyday. superior management! good employee coverage, great people. never a dull moment
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Rental life

I have been here thirty years Speaks for itself Becomes like family Even though we are a large company I am always treated fairly And Love what i do
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