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Heavy Equipment Mechanic6 avis
Canada6 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Battlefield is diffrent then anywhere iv worked, you're first day is done filling out papers and after that it's straight to work. No training what so ever. You're job depends on who you will be dealing with, the service manager is amazing. He seems to be the glue keeping the place together. The store manager is terrible. Sadly. Very bad attitude and lazy. The district manager is a really nice guy, willing to do alot to help you. The wages are good, fair and you will be paid well if you have experiance and a basic set of tools. The shop moral is really not good. It can change from person to person though. So go figure it out for yourself. The machines are fairly complex and you have alot of things to learn. If you can get somone to show you. There's a great variety but you will either work on small stuff, Arial or cat. You won't switch between the 3 so decide what you want to work on before Aplying.The service manager never seccond guesses the mechanic. If you say it needs a new door frame he will order it, huge bonus!Overall, I was paid good and my management treated me well. I wouldn't be afraid to go back. The company would thrive if they would make a few changes as to who they have employed though.

Points positifs

Service manager, hours and work

Points négatifs

Disorganized, not a team effort. Store manager
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Great learning experience,

Great place to work, the staff was very friendly. Got to work on a lot of different equipment an gain experience. They started me off in an apprenticeship for heavy duty technician.
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Fast pace work environment

Fast pace shop life and extremely busy. Really only complaint is that the shop is understaffed and need more qualified mechanics to keep up. Long hours but pay is good with good benefits and overtime
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Run and dont look back

Save yourself a lot of headaches heartaches and money lost. This company will promise you the world and give you nothing. I had to use my own truck for a service truck I had to use my own phone for a company phone and I had to use my own laptop for a company laptop. All with zero reimbursement. The branch manager doesn't know the difference between a socket and a wrench and the front office lady doesn't know her head from a hole in the ground

Points positifs

Cant think of any

Points négatifs

Too many to list
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Job but not a long term career

The Job: It is not an easy place to learn, since the fast paced environment and lack of training make it difficult. As a rental industry, the main priority is getting equipment on trucks to customers. High quality work is not valued. Fixing equipment can also be difficult unless you are a quick self learner, since there is a very large variety of types of equipment. Most people who start, spend a lot of time unloading customers, or counting propane tanks or looking for buckets. You will not spend a lot of time fixing equipment. If you are promised an apprenticeship, you will not get signed up unless you push for it. Even if you get signed up, management usually does not help with paper work or setting up your school portions. You WILL be expected to work 11-12 hours a day. Pay is at the lowest. Coming from another job, I took a $1 pay loss but i was promised a raise when I got signed up as an apprentice but I never got it. The company SOMETIMES gives yearly raises but they only give about 40 cents/hour a year. During your annual review they will tell you that you are lucky to have a job and that you are already over paid if you complain about money. The Company: You literally are a number in this company. If you like to be unsafe or enjoy the lack of proper ventilation, then this is the job for you. Every year you are promised a hi-vis jacket but they do not show up until after winter has ended. It is very important to note that SAFETY is NOT important in this company, especially if it will cost any money at all. they are concerned about silly safety practices that only - 
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  • Soutien du responsable

Management is garbage

Battlefield Sudbury is hands down the worst company to work for! Management is absolutely terrible! They treat you unfairly and you are just a number, they show no care for any of their employees! If you want something you might have to ask 10 times and wait 3 months and you still won’t get it. Get asked to work overtime and you can’t, the service manager will tell you that you have no choice and when you don’t show up cause you said you can’t you will still get in trouble! This place is highly unrecommended they pay very low for the amount of work they expect you to do!! They never appreciate anything you do but as soon as there is a small mess up they are quick to get mad and blame you. Save yourself the hassle and don’t bother with them. There is a reason everyone in the shop had less the 2 year signority. Extremely high turn over rate!
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